Universal Studios Hollywood

I missed the 4th of July parade today because I overslept and the day started a bit slower than usual. I slept pretty bad whole night, I felt tired but was wide awake, it can’t be jet lag because I changed timezones 10 days ago and I adjusted quite quickly.

After breakfast, I went to Main and Pico in Santa Monica to see the parade but it was already too late and people were leaving. Needless to say that I was disappointed but I enjoyed a nice walk on the beach and also visiting the Muscle Beach on the way. I am always amazed by the dedication and motivation of the locals here, doing sports and running on the beach at noon in 50 degrees Celsius. It all pays off, some of the people here look super fit!

The plan for the afternoon was to visit Universal Studios and that’s where I was heading next. The frontline tickets cost double than the general admission ticket and eventually I was glad that we took the general only, despite the absolute resolution of the cashier to convince us otherwise. We didn’t have to wait long anywhere, except at the Studio Tour but also there it went pretty quickly.

Universal Studios is impressive. I loved everything. I saw the Wisteria Lane where Desperate Housewives was filmed. I saw the cars from the Fast & Furious, I watched nice shows and had lots of fun. I almost felt like a kid again!

What to visit:

– Studio Tour (the entire tour and the King Kong 360 3D was absolutely fantastic!)
– Special Effects Stage
– Universal’s Animal Actors
– Shrek 4D

Not for the faint of heart:

– House of Horrors

These below I haven’t tried but they also looked like fun…

The rides:

– Transformers 3D
– Revenge of the Mummy
– The Simpsons

If you don’t mind getting wet:

– WaterWorld
– Jurassic Park

Pictures: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=E8B667E963E6DBDD!11333&authkey=!AOIf_nyBX36iIAg