The Venetian

You almost feel like in Venice during the carneval when staying at The Venetian. Italian music is playing and the carnival characters are delighting the guests at every corner.

For an authentic Italian feeling, you must visit also the Piazza San Marco and the Gondola Rides

The hotel is huge and according to my FitBit I am doing over 10000 steps only in the hotel. You have everything in one place, you can spend several days or even a week at The Venetian without having to go out… Although I do recommend walking down the Strip and visiting the other sights too but let’s stick to The Venetian for now.

After two days here I still get lost in this big labyrinth of luxurious hallways. But once I find the casino, I always know which way to go because everything here leads to the casinos.

That’s the strategy you see, to put the temptation of gambling in front of you at every step. And let me tell you, the temptation is high. As you cross the casino to get to your room or to the restaurants, you see all the glitter and gold and the flashing slot machines calling you to invest your money. You hear joyful laughter from the guests who just won at the table and you think, I should play too and I will win and get rich!

I actually think that if in Vegas, one should visit the casino once just for the fun of it but it should be done on the last evening before leaving Las Vegas. All the other days and nights should be used to visit the city and enjoy the shows. If you go to the casino from the first day, you might not get to enjoy anything else because you will get sucked into gambling and you will spend your entire trip in the casino.

So tonight is my last night and I allowed myself to go to the casino and play on the slot machines. The first slot machine was a bust and I lost 2 dollars within seconds. My second try was better, I invested 2 dollars and went up to 30 dollars but instead of cashing out while I was winning, I became greedy and wanted more so I eventually lost it all. I did gain experience though and it was fun too! I was tempted to invest another 5 dollars and I circled the slot machines and even stood on the side, mentally argueing if I should or shouldn’t play some more. In the end common sense won and I left the casino with a total loss of 4 dollars, which I think is acceptable.

Where to eat (without paying a fortune):


Casa Nova

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

Ice cream on Piazza San Marco

What to do:

Rock of Ages

Go shopping on The Grand Canal Shoppes

Walk on Piazza San Marco

Take a gondola ride

Cool off in the pools on the deck

Where to party:

Tao and Tao Beach