What do you do when you lost your motivation?


I’m strong (at least most of the times), I pay attention to what I eat and do sports regularly. I go to the gym, play weekly badminton, tennis, go running, bicycling and so on and so on.

But when the winter comes with its dreadful cold, I’m doomed. I can’t go running or bicycling anymore or do anything outdoors so I try to turn to indoor sport activities. Try is definitely the proper word.

We still play badminton weekly but that’s only because we have an ongoing reservation so we have to show up. Other than that, nothing else and it’s not because I don’t want to, I would love to. But in the winter time my daily schedule automatically changes. I have troubles waking up in the morning early so usually I hurry to work without having any breakfast or doing some morning exercises. It gets dark very early at 5 p.m. and I often forget myself at work till late in the evening. Eventually when I do come out from the office, it’s already too late and I’m too tired.

Home exercises are probably the best option. It’s there in the morning when I wake up, in the evening when I arrive home and in the weekends. I don’t have to leave my house and I can exercise a bit every day when I have a few free minutes. So I made an attempt two weeks ago with the Wii Active Trainer More Workouts and I started a 6-week challenge. This trainer is awesome and I love it but after two days I gave up. I arrived home too late from work on the third day and decided to skip it, *only that day* I told myself, and that was it.

What about the food? I actually noticed that the body requires more food during the winter. I could live on water and fruits for the whole summer but in the winter I have terrible cravings and I can’t help myself. Because I skip breakfast, I have a calorie-rich lunch and I can’t fall asleep in the evening without having dinner, otherwise I get awful headaches (I inherited this from my grandmother). I try to limit the portions to small ones but that often fails, especially during lunch time when we usually go to the self-service canteen where I pack my plate too much.

Forget about dieting in the winter. No way! I tried it every winter and several times this season already. I somehow survive the first day but then on the next day I get so hungry that I allow myself one exception. Exceptions are bad in my case. With one exception I’m back to where I started.

Every winter is the same for me so this year I decided to somehow get through December. Christmas and New Year’s Eve is coming so there’s only a small chance that I will stick to a healthy diet and regular/daily workouts.

I will travel home to Romania where I’ll just have to (really must) taste all kinds of yummy traditional dishes. I tell my mom every time I’m coming that she shouldn’t buy too much food and cook too much. But you know how moms are, she’s always spoiling me with all kinds of delicious stuff. My brother is kind enough to prepare French fries and other treats for me each time I’m there. It’s really sweet and I don’t mind but after my visit I come back two kilos heavier.

Then we’ll be going in the first week of January to the mountains again where it’ll probably be the same. How can one resist to all those tasty Austrian specialties? But after that I’m definitely, absolutely, 100% on it!

Still, the important question is how to stay motivated during the winter? What’s the trick?