Active Trainer More Workouts


Last weekend I started a diet but I failed miserably at it after only two days. I confess, I love to eat. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to food.

In the beginning of this week I caught a bit of a cold so I couldn’t do lots of sports, except for the usual badminton every Wednesday, but combining the lack of workouts with my non-diet… disastrous!

So I decided that I’m back in the game. No more laziness!

Although yesterday evening I was feeling better, no burning cheeks, no sour throat and I could actually breath normally for a change, today I woke up with a sore-throat again. After a few hours, I started to feel good enough to get out of bed finally. I considered to go jogging but in 4 degrees suffering from a cold… I don’t think so!

Luckily I remembered the Wii game that I purchased months ago but haven’t even unpacked it yet: the Active Trainer More Workouts.

I’ve already used the first Active Trainer extensively. I spent a few months working out with it on days when I had time and then completed a 30-day challenge too. This was my favorite virtual workout trainer. That is, until I tried More Workouts.

I needed like 20 minutes to set it up. It imported the settings from the previous version and then after a few clicks, Balance Board synching and weight measurement, I was good to go.

My first impression: it’s the most amazing and fun way to do some sports at home, much much better than its predecessor, and the new tropical user interface is gorgeous.


I expected to see a button with 30-day challenge on the home screen, just like in the previous version, but Active Trainer More Workouts takes the challenge to a whole new level! 6 weeks instead of 30 days! It keeps us sweating a little bit longer.

Another thing that I found good is that instead of pre-defining on which days I will have to work out without even consulting me, by simply repeating automatically two days of workout followed by one day of rest, it allows me to configure it myself. So I can say on which days I will work out for the next week, from Sunday till Saturday, but it restricts me to 4 sessions and 3 rest days. It’s nice that it pays attention to the frequency of the rest days too so that we don’t injure ourselves from over-doing it.

What I was missing from its predecessor were exercises for the tummy. It’s unbelievable but there was absolutely none. A lot of people complained about this so they improved More Workouts by one key feature: adding crunches and similar exercises for the abs. For these, you have to lie on the floor, which is also totally new because the older version had only exercises while standing.

The warm up & cool down is also much better. New stretching exercises are added. I recognized some Pilates and Yoga as well, which I appreciate a lot because I liked them so much in Wii Fit.

My two favorites so far are the Obstacles and Cardio Boxing, which is not only front and side kicks anymore, it includes also ducking to the left and to the right.


While in the previous game, running, lunges, side jumps and such were separated, now they are combined together in the Obstacles exercise and it’s much more fun like this.

So all in all it’s a really tough workout. My legs are still shaking & I picked the medium level. I can’t imagine how much exhausting the harder level could be.

But this is exactly what I wish from a home trainer: aerobic, cardio, Pilates, Yoga, stretching, all in one. Add in some nice user interface, a fun experience, a long-term challenge to keep me motived and I will not quit till I’ve finished it… hopefully with a couple of kilos less.

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