Sleeping in on weekends

I usually go to sleep late around midnight so I struggle to wake up early in the morning during the weekdays. I have the alarm clock set to 7 a.m. with the hope that I will somehow get out of bed around 8. Most of the times I fall back to sleep but wake up every 20 minutes to check the clock and decide every time that I can stay 5 more minutes in bed. Around 8.30 – 9 I realize how late it is and force myself to get up, prepare quickly for work and hurry off to the office.

Because I am usually working till late in the evening, this is OK. But if I planned to do some morning exercise before heading to the office, I can forget about it. I skip breakfast most of the times too.

When the weekend approaches, I tell myself that I’m going to sleep in till noon, only I can’t. My eyes automatically open without any alarm clock and I can’t fall asleep again. Why? I have no plans for that day so I could easily get more sleep.

Luckily these 7-8 hours of sleep are enough for me. I don’t feel tired throughout the day, except after the lunch break. On a side note, I’ve just read that post-lunch sleepiness actually depends on what I eat. I should have low-carb and high-protein food to feel more awake which I will definitely try.

Nevertheless I really wish I could sleep until noon at least once but on the other hand I’m now using this time to do so much more, hence sleeping in would be such a waste of time.