Build Hyperscale open source (and other) apps

Speaker: Clemens Vasters, @clemensv Microsoft has been busy.    Microsoft is a major player in many open source areas, even though it is not perceived this way. Big effort to make .Net work well also on Mac and Linux, it's a major undertaking. Microsoft lives off intellectual property (worries in the legal department :)) but Microsoft is … Continue reading Build Hyperscale open source (and other) apps

Build and deploy applications using Microsoft Azure

Speaker: Matt Nunn, @mattnunn, Every company has to be a software company. Software allows us to do business. Companies that revolutionized business: Netflix, Uber, Skype, Amazon. The software they developed revolutionized the industry.    Developers are important, they have the ability to build software. Microsoft has offerings in all the places. Large number of … Continue reading Build and deploy applications using Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Tour in Frankfurt

 Peter Arbiter kicked off the Azure Tour and the keynote with a small introduction of what we will experience during this day. Brad Anderson (@InTheCloudMST), Corp. Vice President at Microsoft Corp., oversees the Enterprise Mobility and talks about the journey to the cloud in the keynote. Microsoft is helping organizations to reinvent business productivity, build the intelligent cloud … Continue reading Microsoft Azure Tour in Frankfurt