Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote

Satya Nadella kicks off the keynote with a warm welcome to Seattle and Build.

It’s stunning to see the progress of technology. 90% of all the data has been generated in the last 2 years. Building trust in technology is crucial. It is up to us. First by taking accountability and responsibility. That mission, that sense of purpose has been driving us. The opportunity that we all have is amazing. There is a foundation, a platform to build upon to make the best return on the investment you make on the Microsoft platforms.

We are moving from mobile-first cloud-first to a new world made up of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.

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User experience is distributed across multiple devices. The second big change that is happening is AI. The AI that you create is going to be more distributed. You need a new set of abstractions on how to train your AI in terms of distribution and edge. There needs to be a change in the inner and outer loop, like in continuous integration and continuous distribution. This application paradigm shift of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge will change everything we do inside Windows, Office 365 and Azure.

The best way to get into this is seeing it in action. Sandvik Coromant built a cloud application to do predictions. for example to identify when to shut down the machine because of anomalies in order to protect it. They needed to distribute the logic to move it to the edge to make those decisions even faster.

Introducing Azure IoT Edge, a cross-platform capability that enables cloud functionality to be exported and run on IoT devices.

Logic can be developed and tested in the cloud with CI and CD support, package it in portable Docker containers and run it on an IoT device. No need to duplicate the logic. Take logic and distribute it to improve response times.

Distribute intelligence in the cloud and in the edge to deliver AI for safety. Demo of AI for Workplace Safety, an AI for object recognition and workplace safety. Notification for violations. Search the real world for people and objects and apply policies.

End-user computing

The fundamental challenge is the social complexity. To solve this you need to have the intelligence to span all these devices. Notifications, agents, task completion. The journey started with Office 365. Workloads were moved to the cloud. The people and their relationships are first class, all of this is manifest in Microsoft Graph, rich data graphs of people. There is a new platform in Graph for developers to access people, their relationships, activities as well as their devices. If you take a scenario as meetings, where people come together to collaborate, to prepare for the meeting and access the artifact after the meeting. Multiple people, multiple devices. To build an experience for a meeting you need new programming model abstractions to allow you think about everything for an intelligent meeting.

The future of productivity

Developers can create Cortana skills that work cross-platform. With the device graph you can push notification to any device. Cortana is aware of the device you are on so it can provide context-based content.

Microsoft Teams, new chat-based collaboration tool for teams. The Teams app turns into content mode based on context, e.g. if you walk into a meeting. You can use Microsoft Bot Framework, conversational framework in Teams meetings. You can share video and photo straight into the meeting. Developers can add content to actionable emails.

You can now move fluidly throughout your day wherever you are.

Intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. An awesome set of capabilities that this platform provides: multi-device, artificial intelligence, serverless.

There is an opportunity and responsibility that we all have as developers in front of us to build common grounds and to have an impact. The future will be defined by the choices that we as developers make and the impact of those choices that we make.

Scott Guthrie takes the stage to talk about the platforms and tools Microsoft is building to take advantage to build amazing solutions.

Cloud brings the ability to innovate and to deliver faster. All of this is amazingly cool but also overwhelming., the expectation to be up to date with so many technologies and to deliver is incredibly high. We need to be careful not only about security. All this isn’t easy. All this understanding shapes how Azure is built and delivered to guide your success. Responsibility and trust is incredibly important for building Azure.

Scott Hanselman announcing the inclusion of Azure Cloud Shell inside Azure Portal.

This is a real container-based system with real bash shell. You can do something really crazy like create 1000 virtual machines from the command line.

Announcing Azure Mobile Portal mobile app on iPhone and Android

Including the cloud shell in the mobile app.

Visual Studio is debugging an application that is running on Azure

Grabs snapshot without affecting production and the users.

Announcing general availability Visual Studio for Mac

Target: Android or iOS. Additionally ASP.NET Core. Publish on Azure.

All of these tools sit on top of the trusted cloud.

SQL Server 2017 release announced last month. Available on Windows Server, Linux and Docker-based systems. Building in machine learning capabilities directly inside the database. Both on premises and in the cloud. Threat detection capabilities. Launching new Azure Database Migration Service, moving existing service to Azure without any code changes and seamlessly without any application downtime.

Announcing new Azure Services PostgreSQL and MySQL.

As you use the cloud your data also needs to scale. Each nextgen application needs to have a strategy to handle all kinds of scenarios.

Announcing Azure Cosmos DB, globally distributed multi-model database service

It can automatically replicate data wherever the application is accessed. Choose data model that best fits your use case. Automatically indexes your data. Allows to elastically scale your data to any need. You pay only for storage and performance. The only database with comprehensive SLAs across 4 dimensions. It enables you to build amazing applications. Deliver amazingly fast performance to users.

How best to modernize applications to move to the cloud

Take advantage of new technologies to make them cloud native: containers, microservices. Take advantage of microservice approach for any application with Visual Studio 2017: integrated Docker support, greenfield microservice-based apps. Take existing .Net application and modernize it by containerizing it by adding docker support. Visual Studio now supports cross-container debugging. In just a few clicks configure to manage build and release the pipeline. You can deploy containers everywhere in Azure. Visual Studio is the best place to create and to containerize you applications and Azure is the best place to host your containers.

Serverless-based computing

Allows to execute your code in event-driven way. Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps. Azure Function Apps. Run debug and tests locally. CI and CD support.

Announcing VS2017 support for Functions and Logic Apps

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure.

A cloud that you can deploy to from everywhere. Use Azure everywhere, even when running disconnected. Not just where there is internet. Azure Stack enabled you to modernize your application before moving to the public cloud.

How Azure helps grow your business

SaaS companies love Azure. SaaS-based offerings, like Adobe with 90+ trillion transactions. 100 million active users on Office 365.

Azure helps guide you to success. There was never a better time to be a developer. Microsoft is excited to see what you do.

Harry Shum talks about artificial intelligence.

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Central to intelligent cloud and intelligent edge is AI. It’s exciting to see AI become more of a reality. The time for AI is now. Amplify human ingenuity. Why now? Three big forces converging: big compute, powerful algorithms, massive amount of data. The power of the cloud on a global scale, that’s Azure. Breakthrough algorithms. Brings all these innovations to you developers. You need great data, Microsoft Graph gives you access to data for your business. New approach to recognize images with RESNET 2 years ago. We are making great progress in speech with Switchboard dataset.

Bringing AI to developers.

Cognitive Services launched 2 years ago and provides the broadest services with 29 APIs across vision, language, speech, search, knowledge. New video indexer service. Opening Cognitive Services Labs to try new services, like hand gesture recognition. Custom language understanding tool LUIS. Deeper customization across the services. With advancement of speech and language enabling conversational AI, Cognitive Services with Microsoft Bots Framework. The next user interface.

  1. Bring your training data
  2. Train your model
  3. Hosted model

Custom Vision Service, new Cognitive Service. Active Learning for the AI to get your model smarter.  3 additional channels in Bot Framework, total of 12.

Introducing Adaptive Cards, new open framework that allows you to build your JSON and code once and have it displayed across all platforms.

Powerful platform with integrated AI using Azure Data Lake. You can create amazing AI applications. Use AI to improve our world. Every product is using AI to create new experiences, also at home with Xbox, Office and so on. Infusing AI into experiences. For more visit

Introducing presentation addin for PowerPoint

Real time translation capabilities with Microsoft Translator. Custom training the model based on voice. Bidirectional, allows questions. For more visit:

Cortana is another product being infused with AI. Intel and HP have signed on to develop Cortana enabled devices. Build new skills using the Skill Kit utilizing the Bot Framework.

Data is the magic that enables the AI. Microsoft offers Data Graph that combined with your business data, you are ready to build incredible applications.

AI is going to disrupt every business app. Microsoft’s goal is to help embrace AI and to apply it to your business. You are invited to get on the AI journey together with Microsoft.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. – Alan Kay