Bulking log week 1/12

Progress bar image attribution: By Emil Larsen (Seekers) (I have made it :)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Bulking challenge goals

August-October: 12-weeks bulking clean and gradually with reverse diet to increase strength and build muscle

This week’s goals

Goal Achieved?
New calories and macros with focus on strength. No. Too high on carbs.
5x strength HIT training with Freeletics Bodyweight Yes.
2x weight training with Freeletics Gym Yes. 1x lower body and 1x upper body.
2x cardio sessions Yes. 2x long walks.
2x rehab/yoga sessions No. Only 1 foam rolling and stretching session.


Week Resistance training Cardio Rehab
1  7  2  1



Week Macro Days Weight Body fat Muscle
1 195C/97P/58F  +0,7 kg  -2,2%  +1,9%
2 202C/100P/58F

Next week’s goals

  • Increase calories and macros with focus on strength, according to The Reverse Diet Guide by James Wilson.
  • 5x strength HIT training with Freeletics Bodyweight.
  • 2x strength weight training with Freeletics Gym.
  • 2x cardio sessions.
  • 2x rehab/yoga sessions.