Training log week 3/12 – On vacation

My goal for the next 12 weeks is to get fitter, lose some weight and body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible, doing as little cardio as possible and eating as much as possible so my body doesn’t go in starvation mode or metabolism adaptation. I will be reverse dieting until I reach the highest possible daily calories that I can hold while still managing to achieve this goal.

Here’s my recap for week 3.


This week’s goal:

  • Do more rehab, foam rolling and stretching.

  • 5x HIT workouts with Freeletics Bodyweight
  • 2x weight lifting workouts with Freeletics Gym
  • 2x cardio workouts with Freeletics Running: 1x HIIT & 1x LISS
  • 2x cardio on the stationary bike: 1x HIIT & 1x LISS
  • 1x rehab

I am on vacation starting from Thursday so I increased the Freeletics Bodyweight workouts given by the coach from 3 to 5 sessions because I have more time to exercise while being on vacation. I completed all 5 bodyweight workouts and I earned new personal bests on 4 out of 5. I also did 2 weight training sessions with Freeletics Gym, one for lower body and one for the upper body. I reduced cardio this week to one session with two workouts: first a fast 3K power walk followed by 5 rounds of 200m sprints with 30 seconds break, which was my last workout for the hell days given by the coach last week on Freeletics Running. I improved on 1/2 MAAT by 41 seconds. Finally I managed to squeeze in one rehabilitation session with foam rolling and full body stretching on my rest day. All in all this was a great week workout-wise and this week’s workout goal is achieved โœ….

Nutrition & Macros

This week’s goals:

  • Drink less protein shakes and get my protein from food.
  • Increase daily calories by 40 calories.
  • Switch macros to 45%C-25%F-30%P.

I changed to the new calories and macros but I am still fighting with reaching my protein goals, usually fat is higher at the end of the day so my macro goal for this week is a fail. Nevertheless I cleaned up my diet this week, no more cakes and such. I’ve been eating super healthy ever since I arrived to my family, I am making smart choices, I am tracking what I eat and I am keeping all the temptations hidden away from me. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Currently I am visiting my family so I can’t do my measurements so we’ll see next week how well did I do. I did however step on the scale on the next day after I arrived and I am down 1,6 kg after only 3-4 days which is too much in too little time so I will be increasing my calories next week.

Next week’s goals

  • New macros calculated based on James Wilson’s caloric intake needs guide: aprox. 50% carbs, 25% protein, 25% fat.
  • 5x HIT with Freeletics Bodyweight, 1x weight training with Freeletics Gym, 2x cardio, 2x rehab.