Rapidly develop intranet business apps using the cloud

Speaker: Nazim Lala, Principal Software Engineer at Azure App Service

Enterprises want dedicated and private infrastructure. You create this private App Service Environment with VMs that are completely yours. You have dedicated front-end load balancers and you can set up optional firewall. You can use these functionalities to lock things down and even break it down into subnets.

You do this by creating a new App Service Environment in Azure Portal, partition in subnets, configure Scale. It takes more time than to create a web app because it’s not as light-weight, typically it takes 2-3 hours.

It looks just like a site, you have metrics as well. You can see the apps that are running in the environment. Everything that applies to apps also works here. It gives you access to a few extras that you don’t have in a normal environment, e.g. Premium with larger VMs, lock out traffic by setting network security group. You get an extra level of customization that you don’t get in a public cloud.

Try it now at https://tryappservice.azure.com for free for 24 hours.


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