Geek t-shirt


I my new StackOverflow t-shirt! It is one of the best ladies’ geek t-shirts I ever had. It looks cute and it’s a great fit.

This is how it all started: Amber wrote an article on Medium on how this nerd tshirt came to life, you can read it here:

View at

Sara tweeted how happy she is with the SO tshirt that she got from the Stack Exchange folks:

And then this happened:

I happened to be reading tweets at exactly the same time when Sara posted this:

I of course replied and I was one of the 10 girls who Sara picked. I received my women’s SO shirt last weekend and I am wearing it proudly at work today!

Even the littlest things like this tshirt make me love being in this awesome community even more! 🙂

PS: getting the tshirt delivered to me was quite an adventure. Fedex couldn’t find my home address so they googled me, tracked down where I work and called me in the office. Say whaaat?! #mindblown