Training Log – Week 2

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This is my training log for the calendar week 23, 1-7 June 2015:


I’m really starting to get used to these early morning workouts. So much better than working out in the evening after work when I am usually tired and just want to skip it.

✔️ Ashy’s dynamic warmup
✔️ Kayla’s legs & cardio
✔️ Ashy’s booty builder
✔️ Kayla’s cooldown lower body stretching


✔️ FBW/LISS walk 4.38 km


My upper body is so weak and I still can’t do as many circuit rounds as before I was sick.

✔️ ABBC dynamic warmup
✔️ BBG arms & abs
✔️ ABBC HIIT booty basher
✔️ BBG cooldown lower and upper body stretching


Spent whole day exploring the beautiful Amsterdam: the medieval centre, the canal rings, Vondelpark and around. We packed away the maps and just wondered the streets without any plans. We took a boat ride on the canal which is a great way to start to get to know this city. We got lost… many times. But we found our way back every time. It’s been only the first day but I can already say that I fell in love with Amsterdam. ❤️ Vondelpark is definitely one of the highlights of Amsterdam. Beautiful park and everybody is enjoying it in this beautiful weather.

✔️ FBW/LISS walk 21 km


We explored today the beautiful Old South a.k.a. Museum Quarter, Amsterdam’s largest street market and the Sarphatipark in De Pijp and the Southern Canal Ring. The Heineken Experience at the Heineken Brewery is a must-see.

✔️ FBW/LISS walk 10 km


Today we explored the quiet neighborhood Jordaan and its nice street markets, the Western Canal Ring, Anne Frank House (pic left), Nieuwmarkt and we went to the zoo.

✔️ FBW/LISS walk 16 km


Spent the last day in Amsterdam visiting the Museum of Modern Art and a special show about Matisse, took a walk in the medieval centre and took a sunset canal cruise. I love this city!

✔️ FBW/LISS walk 14 km
✔️ BBG full body resistance training

Training plan for week 3

✔️ Monday – Rehabilitation: foam rolling
✔ Tuesday – BBG legs & cardio resistance + ABBC booty builder D8
✔️ Wednesday – fbw/liss walk + rehabilitation: get bendy
✔️ Thursday – BBG arms & abs resistance + ABBC booty basher HIIT D5
✔️ Friday – fbw/liss walk + rehabilitation: get bendy
✔️ Saturday – BBG full body resistance + ABBC booty burner D9
✔️ Sunday – fbw/liss walk + rehabilitation: let’s start yoga