Training Log – Week 1

I restarted Kayla’s BBG 1.0 and I decided to additionally try the Ashy Bines 28-Day Booty Challenge. It’s the fourth and last round of ABBC and the first 4 weeks of BBG are easier so I will just see on a daily basis if I can do the ABBC workout for that day as well.

I officially survived the first week and it was great. I managed to do all the workouts from both programs.

I was on vacation till Wednesday visiting my family for Easter so the first half of the week was easier because I woke up late and had all the time on that day to do the workouts. Thursday and Friday was tough because I was tired after work but I managed to do a little something on both days so it was ok.

Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0
Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

Total calories burned from the workouts: 4900


First day! It was awesome! I loved every minute of it!

  • ✔️ Ashy’s Dynamic Warm Up
  • ✔️ Kayla’s Legs & Cardio resistance training: I remembered this as being easier, I was so wrong 😂
  • ✔️ Ashy’s Locking Your Core
  • ✔️ Ashy’s Booty Builder Essentials
  • ✔️ Kayla’s lower body stretching

Calories burned: 819


Hello sore muscles! Ashy’s HIIT is no joke!

  • ✔️ Ashy’s Dynamic Warm Up
  • ✔️ Ashy’s HIIT Booty Basher
  • ✔️ 45 minutes 19 km LISS/FBW on the stationary bike
  • ✔️ Kayla’s lower body stretching

Calories burned: 889


When I thought that my muscles can’t hurt more than on the day before… Boom!

Travel day! I flew back in the evening so I had to do the workout earlier than usual so I have time to pack and drive to the airport.

  • ✔️ Ashy’s Dynamic Warm Up
  • ✔️ Kayla’s Abs & Arms resistance training
  • ✔️ Ashy’s Booty Builder workout
  • ✔️ Kayla’s lower and upper body stretching

Calories burned: 603


Ashy’s Booty Burner burns! Ouchie!

I skipped the yoga planned in Ashy’s Booty Bender due to not having enough time because it was late in the evening and just foam rolled.

  • ✔️ 45 minutes 4.25 km LISS/FBW
  • ✔️ Ashy’s Booty Burner
  • ✔️ Ashy’s Booty Bender
  • ✔️ Foam rolling

Calories burned: 331


I skipped Ashy’s booty basher HIIT workout because I was too tired and postponed it to Sunday instead.

  • ✔️ 50 minutes 4.71 km LISS/FBW

Calories burned: 268


Another awesome workout! It hurts so good!

  • ✔️ Ashy’s dynamic warmup
  • ✔️ Kayla’s full body resistance training
  • ✔️ Ashy’s booty builder
  • ✔️ Kayla’s upper and lower body cooldown stretching

Calories burned: 683


I wasn’t feeling so well in the morning but I was ok as soon as I started the workout and in the end I smashed it! 😃

  • ✔️ Ashy’s dynamic warmup
  • ✔️ Ashy’s booty basher HIIT workouts day 5 (I skipped it on Friday) and day 7
  • ✔️ Ashy’s booty bender: the website doesn’t work so I had to improvise
  • ✔️ Foam rolling
  • ✔️ Kayla’s upper and lower body cooldown stretching

Calories burned: 874

Overall, I expected BBG to be easier since I already survived 12 weeks of BBG in the first round. I managed to do more rounds in the 7-minute circuits than the first time but the workouts are still tough. I love Ashy’s Booty Challenge and I am glad that I added it to my workout schedule, the workouts are so much fun and I think they are working. 😉

Week 2 workouts are planned and I will try to do the resistance training in the morning before work because I tend to postpone or skip or not have enough power in the evening after work. I will do the LISS/FBW walk in the afternoon because it’s a nice way to relax after work.