Marvelous In My Monday #1 – Escape to the mountains


Happy Monday!

It’s the start of a new week, Christmas vacation is over, the New Year’s Eve party is forgotten, the hangover is finally gone and everybody is back to work again, trying to pick up where we left off.

I worked three days last week already but I had a short escape to the mountains for 5 days before that, right after New Year’s Eve.

We drove on Friday the 2nd in heavy rain and fog to Austria and had a quick dinner at Restaurant Alpentherme, it’s a nice place with good food.

The weather was awful on the next three days, a huge snow storm swept over the village and all the ski lifts were stopped for several days in a row. One lift was even stopped with people still in it and they had to get them down from 30 m high using a rope. Luckily I wasn’t in there!

I spent Saturday at the spa relaxing and swimming followed by lunch at my favorite cafe. They have divine cakes but I had an Austrian soup and a coffee. Definitely go to this cafe and try the cakes if you are nearby! We had a fabulous dinner at our favorite Italian that evening. Absolutely recommend this place if you happen to be there!

I went ice skating on Sunday because the weather was still awful but I only lasted for about half an hour because it was so windy that I just had to stand still on the ice and the wind was moving me forward. I made another visit to the cafe afterwards for a cake and coffee this time. We had sushi for dinner but it wasn’t so impressive.

I planned to go cross country skiing on Monday but there wasn’t enough snow and the slopes weren’t prepared so I went again to the spa. I visited the spa’s gym and did a 45 minute incline walk on the treadmill followed by two aquagym classes in the pool. Dinner was takeout that evening because we had to pack to go home on the next day.

The trip was short and we had bad luck with the weather the entire time but it was all sunny and blue skies on Tuesday when we headed back home. Nevertheless I had a nice time and great food so it wasn’t a complete bust.

We want to give it one more try in February and go again to the mountains for Valentine’s Day and my birthday. I hope we will have more luck that time but so far there isn’t enough snow anywhere. I might have to spend that trip at the spa as well and I don’t mind. 😉