Christmas Recap

I finished with work early on Friday and headed straight to the gym for my last workout before traveling to visit my family over the holidays. I headed home afterwards to pack for the trip and it took me over 2 hours which is unusually long for me but that’s only because I had so many presents to squeeze into my luggage that I had to find a strategy to fit in some of my clothes too.

My flight was on Saturday at 9:30 with a waiting time of 4 hours for my connecting flight. I browsed all duty free shops and finally settled in at the gate with a Pretty Little Liar marathon on Netflix. I love free airport wifi! ๐Ÿ™‚


The second flight was 1.5 hours and I spent this time reading the third and last book of the Maze Runner Trilogy on my Kindle and listening to an offline Spotify playlist on my phone with my new Soul Transform headphones. I received these headphones as a present for St. Nicholas and planned to use them for sports but it’s also great for traveling. Although the Transform is officially not noise-cancelling, it keeps the noise out in the plane and at the airport quite well.

I arrived at 18 o’clock and after being picked up by my brother and mom and 2 more hours of drive, I finally arrived to my home town. I travelled whole day basically, from 8 am till 8 pm, and I was so tired.

We went to the cinema on Sunday and watched Horrible Bosses 2 followed by a quick grocery shopping. I was shocked at how crowded the super market was, everybody was shopping for xmas and I was just so happy when we were all done and home.

I managed to squeeze in a small shopping spree in the sports store too and finally bought a cute backpack for the gym which fits all my stuff in. It also has a separate pocket for the shoes. I needed a foam roller for the visit too since I was going to keep doing the workouts as planned and foam rolling is essential for recovery.


I spent the next three days sleeping, eating and working out at home. My family had to work so I woke up late, had breakfast with my brother, did a workout from the 1-2-3-Grow program, had a small post-workout snack and went back to bed for a nap and some tv with my puppy.


We had dinner when the family arrived home and watched Christmas movies every evening.

I finally broke the lazy day marathon on Wednesday when we all went to the local gym and spa health center. I trained legs at the gym (I still can’t walk and it’s been two days since the workout) and relaxed in the spa afterwards.


We stayed home for Christmas on Thursday and Friday and started a long American Horror Story marathon. I love this tv show!

We took breaks for food and we played the game Rรถmi while sipping on mulled wine. I won most games both times and I agreed to a rematch for tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I woke up today later than usual, trained back and biceps after breakfast and we went again to the cinema to watch Son of a Gun this time, a suprisingly awesome action movie with Ewan McGregor. I wanted to watch Annie but a lot of movies are unfortunately dubbed and I like the original better. I actually liked Son of a Gun a lot and did I mention already that Ewan McGregor played in it? ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re planning to continue our American Horror Story tonight and tomorrow is my last workout from 1-2-3-Grow. I am finishing week 12 and the program. I will write a post about this program on the blog very soon.

I am meeting with my grandmother for lunch in the afternoon and I have lots of arrends to run on Monday so the next couple of days will be busy. I am flying back on Tuesday.

I overindulged in cheat meals quite a bit this week from mac & cheese, to pizza, to french toast and lots more (just check my Instagram ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but I had a healthy breakfast with eggs and salad each morning, ate lots of fruits evey day and my afternoon snack was greek yogurt with mรผsli and almonds. Dinner was usually rice with lean meat except on Christmas night when we ate the traditional stuffed cabbage rolls (which is basically just cabbage with lean minced meat and rice). I stuck to the week 12 workouts from 1-2-3-Grow so the damage done this week was minimum.


I hope you had a nice Christmas too with lots of good food in the company of your family and friends.

P.S.: the December Squat Challenge is still running till the end of this month so head over to Instagram and give a like to this post: 1 like = 5 squats! ๐Ÿ˜‰