Arrived in Bodrum


My brother came to visit on Saturday and we spent a nice weekend catching up. While he is now house and cat sitting and vacationing at our place, we took the plane yesterday morning to Istanbul and after a planned 2 hours layover which turned into 3 because of delays we had a short connecting flight during sunset to Bodrum.

I was very surprised at the airport in Istanbul that we had to completely exit the airport to go back in for our connecting flight. No free wifi either, so disappointed!

We arrived in the evening at 8 o’clock to the airport 35 km from Bodrum and got a cab to The Marmara Hotel for 45 euros (this is a fixed price from the airport to anywhere in Bodrum).

My first impression of the hotel is definitely positive, it’s so beautiful, modern and chic. We booked a seaview room but the first room we were shown to was more like a garden view with a small seaview between the buildings so we asked the reception about a real seaview room and were shown two more rooms and we picked I think the nicest one with a lovely view to the city, to the seaside and to the castle.


We decided to enjoy the evening breeze and the lovely evening view from the terrace of our room and have a good night rest after travelling whole day.

At breakfast we were greeted by the famous Nino, a very cheerful and friendly host. The food here is amazing! So many choices, the bread is delicious and the fruits and vegetables have such an amazing taste, exactly how it should be!



We’re planning a lazy day at the pool today with hopefully a visit to the hotel gym around noon when the sun gets too hot.


The Marmara Hotel pictures