Slow recovery after vacation

It’s been 4 days since I returned from the beautiful Switzerland and getting into my usual routine has been a very slow and painful process.

I felt so tired on the first few days that I only managed to go to work and then come straight home to lie down.

I had an awful headache yesterday so I left from work early and went straight to bed at home for an afternoon nap between 5 and 8. I was a bit better in the evening and after a small dinner went back to sleep again. I woke up with a headache today again but I was feeling great in the afternoon.

I will take it easy and have another rest day today but I am definitely going to the gym tomorrow now that I am feeling much better. I took my gym bag with me to work on Monday and it’s still in the office untouched. I miss working out a lot and I definitely feel fluffy because I haven’t been working out for 2 weeks. I have 2.5 more weeks to go for JELF and I am going to finish it no matter what!

Do you ever feel like you need vacation after a vacation? It is usually never so hard for me to recover but this time it has been really tough.