Lucerne 2.0

Saturday was our last day in Switzerland. 😦

We climbed three mountains and we were too tired to go skiing on the Matterhorn glacier (we planned it for three days in a row but we were exhausted every time!) so we headed to Lucerne again for a relaxing city visit. It was cloudy and cold, it looked like it’s going to rain but we took the ferry from Weggis to Lucerne anyhow because I wanted another boat ride on the Lucerne lake.

Lucerne is a beautiful city, the old town is charming and the Chapel Bridge is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe so it is an absolute must-see!


After walking on the promenade along the Reuss and browsing the Saturday market, we ventured into the narrow streets filled with shops. I promised that I won’t do any big shopping sprees, since everything is so ultra-expensive in Switzerland and our car is so fully packed already that nothing else would fit in, so I did some window shopping instead and took lots of pictures of the streets and buildings.

We walked to the Lion Monument and took a short break there to admire the sculpture. If you happen to go there (or see the lion in a picture below), take a closer look at the outline figure of the lion, it resembles the shape of a pig. Very cleverly done by the sculptor, I would not have spotted it if I wouldn’t have read about it. There are many rumors as to why he did it, the most popular is because he didn’t get paid and did it as a revenge.


The Glacier Garden is right next to the monument so we decided to go in. I loved the garden and the museum but the Mirror Maze is definitely my favorite. We had a fun time going through the maze and I almost crashed into the mirrors several times.


After a coffee and ice cream break at my favorite place Seecafe with the most delicious Mövenpick  ice cream I have ever had we continued along the Reuss river and stumbled upon a Starbucks where I bought a new cup for my collection and we took another short break overlooking the Chapel Bridge.

This used to be the ice cream but I couldn’t wait to take a before-pic. Sorry!

It was slowly time to return to Weggis but not before browsing through all the chocolate shops and buying Swiss chocolate for us and for our friends, relatives and colleagues.

We took the boat back to Weggis but sat inside this time because it was getting so cold and cloudy, it started to rain a bit and I went to the hotel pool for another swim before dinner.


We tried the See-Cafe next to the hotel and were so disappointed, I do NOT recommend this place. The food was so-so, the service was unsatisfactory and the prices were too high for such a place.

We headed to the hotel bar after dinner to drown our sorrows in Mojitos after dinner. We were sad that the vacation was ending and that our last dinner was such a big fail. Several hours and lots of Mojitos later we went to our room and since I couldn’t sleep I watched Avatar from 2 till 5 in the morning.

We woke up sort of jollier on the next morning and headed for breakfast. Usually breakfast is till 10 am but on Sundays it is till 11 am and we were quite late. I was shocked to see how full the breakfast room was, apparently several huge groups were staying at the hotel over the weekend and the staff was overwhelmed. I had to hunt down one of the girls to bring me coffee and I had to ask them to fill up everything because the big groups left no food behind.

The Lazy Days @ POHO package included late checkout at 13 o’clock and we took advantage of it. I went for another swim after breakfast and enjoyed the whole pool all to myself. I quickly packed shortly before 13 o’clock and checked out, the staff at the reception is super-friendly and nice, I absolutely recommend this hotel!

We passed by our friends’ place in Bremgarten again and visited them shortly but we were soon on the highway driving back home.

We arrived home at 20 o’clock and I quickly unpacked (meaning: I threw everything in the laundry basket 🙂 ). We watched some new TV show but I got very tired soon (I almost fell asleep in the car on the way home) so I decided that it was time for a good night sleep.

We’re back at work and to our usual routine today. I am still fighting to get up so early and I almost missed the train this morning. August is a pretty bad time to be in the city: the streets are currently being repaired, trains are cancelled, subways have delays. On the plus side, we are on vacation in 3 weeks again, for two full weeks this time and we’re heading somewhere to the seaside. Can’t wait! 😉

Pictures Lucerne 2.0