Upcoming travels

I love traveling and I try to squeeze in a trip every chance I get.

I traveled to the mountains twice this year to Bad Hofgastein in Austria and to Bolzano in Italy. I’ve been to San Francisco in April for the Build conference and also visited the city in my free time. I’ve visited my family in April for Easter and then again in May, when we took a road trip to Hungary and stayed at the Balaton lake for a week.

5 trips in 6 months may not be much for some but it’s quite an accomplishment for me compared to years ago when I had only one summer vacation per year and spent the rest of my vacation days at home, which is also OK sometimes but other times I just want to go and explore lots of new places.

I track my travels on TripIt. It’s a great tool to see upcoming and past trips, collect flights, hotels and all the trip information in one place.

Today I got to make a new entry on TripIt and I am so excited! I will spend a week in Switzerland, visiting friends near Zรผrich, hopefully also the city and who knows perhaps even Geneva. I haven’t been toย the Swiss Alps yet so I am really looking forward to some wellness, spa and hiking in the mountains as well. It’s been so long since I’ve been to the mountains in the summer, I usually go to the seaside so I am thrilled about this trip. I’ve seen pictures of the Alps in the summer and it’s breathtaking, I am definitely taking my Canon to take some nice pics.

I’ve also planned two weeks in the second half of September, this is going to be our summer vacation at the seaside. We’re still undecided where to go because it’s already the off-season for most of the places at the seaside in Europe (the advantage is that it will be less crowded ;)) but we will check the weather and decide spontaneously if we’re staying on the main land or flying to an island where it’s still nice and warm during that time of the year.

If you have any recommendations in Switzerland or for our summer vacation in September, like where to go, what to visit, where to stay, coolest hikes, best beaches, awesome hotels for fitness addict like me,…, let me know!