Weekly Recap

Fitness & Nutrition

I had 5 awesome workouts this week which makes me very happy:

– I went running twice (once with the group and our trainer which was awesome!),

– a Total Body Style class at the gym,

– and two other workouts on the Xbox Fitness: Yoga Inferno and Killer Bums & Thighs by Jillian Michaels (both awesome!).

I am finally starting to see a small definition in the abs and in the oblique muscles. Yaaay! Still didn’t get rid of the winter “fluff” and the scale is not showing me the number I want. Booh! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My nutrition is slowly getting under control but I am not hitting my calorie and macro goals and it’s not as healthy and clean as it should be so it still needs a little tweaking.


I am still learning for my MCPD upgrade exam and I am currently at the Data Access part. I am reading Programming Entity Framework by Julie Lerman and would like to watch her courses on Pluralsight too after I finish watching ADO.Net Fundamentals.

I am continuing my little game app for Windows 8 and learning quite a lot. I finally broke up the UI into two projects and moved the logic to the business logic layer. I tried to integrate Box2D in the BL for the physics and collision engine but my business logic project is a Windows Runtime Component (so that I can swap the UI out with HTML5 and JavaScript later to experiment a bit) and it doesn’t support the Box2D so I am experimenting now with moving Box2D to a Portal Class Library.

Lots of meetings at work this week but I got some coding in too, I was fighting with some regular expressions but I mastered it in the end. I used to do a lot of regular expressions as I was doing web programming and I knew it will come in handy sometimes. I kinda miss web development! *sniff*

Still teaching programming to my mentee, we did a small exercise this week where we built a small WinForms app to calculate the Fibonacci sequence using a User Interface and Business Logic Layer, doing the whole workflow by starting with class and sequence diagrams, implementing the app and adding unit tests. We found some bugs in our algorithm with some tests being red and I think my mentee learned a lot in the end. I am looking forward to seeing her applying all this new knowledge and practice for her sample application.


I finished Damages this week and loved each season! What an awesome tv show! Highly recommend it!

I watched season 4 of The Walking Dead this week and almost thought to stop but the last 2-3 episodes were awesome so I am glad I pushed through the boring episodes.

I started watching Luther, a tv show similar to Sherlock Holmes. It took me a few episodes but I am now starting to enjoy it.