Polar FT7

I made a spontaneous decision on Friday and ordered the Polar FT7 fitness watch with heart rate monitor. I was considering that or the RCX3.

Both look super cute and while the RCX3 knows a lot more, it is also much more expensive and needs additional accessories which also cost a lot.

The FT7 is compatible with most cardio machines in the gym which pick up and display the heart rate while the RCX3 is not.




What’s in the box

  • FT7 fitness watch
  • H1 heart rate sensor
  • Chest soft strap
  • User guide


The watch is so cute and I am very happy with the red-orange combo. I was afraid that the watch will be too bulky on my small wrist but this is actually a female model and it is quite small. It looks really good on small wrists too. I will definitely wear it outside of the gym as well.


Setting it up

  • Enter basic settings like date and time
  • Enter personal information like weight and height
  • Wet the strap, attach the sensor and connect it around your chest

Additional accessories

I was planning to go for an outdoor run today and try the FT7 out but it snowed last night and it’s very slippery outside right now and also freezing cold. Instead after setting it all up, I tried it out a bit by doing some pushups and it is quite cool. I am looking forward to see do its magic in the gym tomorrow!

And finally here is a random pic of our cat chewing on my beautiful roses. Argh!