Last vacation days

We have a new favorite restaurant here in Bad Hofgastein, a small Italian place run by an Italian couple. It is so cozy and lovely that I don’t want to leave everytime I am there.

We tried to go to La Piccola Italia two evenings ago but it was understandably booked out so we havd to make a reservation for the next evening.


I was so looking forward to having dinner at this restaurant again and I had a secret plan to try the pasta with pesto as I had a strange craving for pesto for some unknown reason.

I ordered the tortelloni with pesto and dried tomatoes and it was to die for! The pesto sauce was home made and the tomato was an excellent addition to the already tasty dish.


I was afraid that it will be too much for the evening but I had place for dessert in the end too so I chose the profiteroles, cream puff covered with chocolate mouse. It was so good that I felt in heaven!


I planned to go cross country skiing on Sunday but the weather didn’t want to play nice so I ended up going for a long walk. It was just my luck that it started to rain heavily exactly during my walk so I was soaking wet as I got to a coffee shop.

I passed by the cross country skiing slopes during my walk and I was so disappointed that there was no snow at all. This is not how winter should be!


I found artificial snow on the other slope but it was so muddy, definitely not good for skiing.



The ice skating rink was also empty and under water. Worst winter ever!


I consoled myself with a coffee, a fresh orange-carrot juice and a very chocolatey cake.


Even though it is so gray and rainy, I am glad that I took a walk and did some exercise. This is usually the worst weather when I get lazy and do nothing whole day.

In the afternoon it started to finally snow which I love so much and since all the super markets are closed on Sunday, we went on another walk and for an early dinner.

Tomorrow we are heading back and our vacation sadly comes to an end so as always when in Austria on the last day a Vienna Schnitzel is in order.


Let’s call this my last cheat meal. Tomorrow is a travel day but starting from Tuesday NO more cheating! Clean eating all the way, baby!