Lazy Sunday

I woke up today at 6:30 am and headed straight to the hotel gym for my usual Sunday run followed by swimming in the hotel pool. I wanted to take advantage as much as possible of the few hours left before heading back.

After a rich breakfast and packing, we set out in the heavy rain for a 4-hour drive back, hoping that we won’t get stuck in the traffic on the way. It happened already several times that this drive turned into 8 hours.

I read Gone Girl the entire way and I could not put it down. The story turned into something completely surprising and I won’t get into it just for the case you haven’t read it yet but I will say this much, the book is very well written, the story is full of suspense and finally I find it seriously disturbing to see a married couple end up hating each other this much.

Back in the city and starving, the only place opened at 14 o’clock on a Sunday in our neighborhood is an Italian restaurant and they only serve pasta and pizza. Ok, and salad too but I wasn’t much in the mood for that.

I eventually settled for the spinach and ricotta cannelloni and let me tell you, mind-blowing! It was completely home-made, down to the pastry too.


I saw also the pizza, a couple shared one and the two half pieces were literally falling off the plates, that huge! I will definitely be back to try pizza once.

Some of the people working in this restaurant can barely speak German or English, most of the conversation went in Italian, which is a good sign I believe, because the food is most likely authentic.

It was heavily raining almost the entire way back from Austria and here back in the city the sun is shining. I almost decided to go biking a bit but then quickly changed my mind because A) it’s colder than it looks and B) I don’t know how to pump air in the tires.

Instead I will get comfy under my blanky with a piece of dark chocolate and a hot coffee and finish Gone Girl, perhaps even watch an episode of two of Grey’s Anatomy which I’ve been missing big time in the last few days. Lazy Sunday ftw!

Workouts today:

  • 30 minutes running
  • 30 minutes swimming