Kaprun Day 2

I woke up as usual at 6 am and 15 minutes later as I realized that I can’t fall back to sleep, I got up and put on my swimming gear and went to the hotel wellness area. I had the pool all to myself (I wish I had such a pool at home!) and managed to swim for a full 30 minutes without any breaks.


I would have loved to get into the sauna afterwards but the Sauna Area opens at 13 o’clock and the small sauna in the Pool Area wasn’t switched on.

I had yet again an awesome breakfast, I wish somebody would prepare such a big table full with delicacies for me every day.

I planned to go up on the mountain about 3000 m high but it’s raining, exactly as the weather forecast predicted. Of all the times the forecast is right, it had to be today?! There goes also my plan to go running outside and explore the beautiful hiking trails. This is highly unusual, everytime I came to Austria it was snowing and not raining.

Nevertheless I decided to go on the mountain anyhow and enjoy the scenery.

I took two ski lifts to 2450 m (one lift stopped twice in the middle of the ride and I almost imagined begin stuck there for some time, like in a terrible horror movie) where I spent some time before going all the way to the top because it was still pretty cloudy, cold and windy. I didn’t pack my winter snow shoes and I almost fell on my back side a few times trying to get to the main building and slipping in my Nike on the snow. I have to re-evaluate my packing strategy since I forgot to pack so many things that I really need on this trip.

I settled into the cafe with my Kindle, a tea and a freshly pressed orange juice waiting for the sun to come out.


I managed to find the best spot with a beautiful view.


Around noon the big crowd was coming to the restaurant for lunch so I moved to the empty apres-ski bar with a great view of the slopes.


After having some coffee and water, I was finally convinced that the sun will hide whole day so I was ready to go to the top and face the cold. The ride in the lift already brought me to the freezing point so I quickly went into the small warm cinema at 3029 m and watched an impressive short film about Kitzsteinhorn while warming myself up.

When I finally felt my fingers again (forgot to pack a cappy and gloves, of course), I climbed two floors to the Top Of Salzburg to admire the mountains. I felt so dizzy being so high, between Heaven and Earth, as the movie called it.


I went also in the tunnel again, 360 m ending with a platform overlooking the mountains. It was so windy on the platform that I couldn’t stand still. The problem was not walking to the platform through the tunnel, although it was dark and scary and I was all alone, but it was climbing back up at an angle of 25%.


Fingers and nose red and frozen, I quickly hurried back to the lift to go straight to the restaurant at 2450 m for a hot tea. The sun finally came out from hiding as soon as I was on my way back with the lift, just my luck, huh?

I was so tempted to have a cake too, the cakes in Austria are delicious, I especially like the chocolate cake Sachertorte but I managed to resist.


Leaving the mountain gave me a glimpse of the abandoned tunnel where the train used to take the skiers to the glacier through the mountain but a terrible tragedy took the lives of 155 people about 13 years ago as a fire broke out in the train in the middle of the tunnel. The ski lifts were built right after that and no one uses that train or the tunnel ever since.


After coming back to the hotel, having some yummy afternoon snack and playing some pool, it was too late and too dark to go running outside so I had to move my usual Saturday run indoors to the gym on the treadmill.

A woman was stretching there and I asked if I could use the treadmill since her shoes were on it and she said ok but that they will have gymnastics here soon. I didn’t really give it any thought and started my workout but slowly more and more people were entering the gym and looking at me funny.

When already 20 people gathered in the gym looking at me and waiting and realizing that one of them was the trainer, it suddenly hit me that I crashed a real official gymnastics workout of a group.

I hurried as much as I could but I was already in the middle of it. What could I do?! My workout took 30 minutes, I can’t just suddenly stop and I can’t rush the time. Eventually the trainer said that it’s ok and I can stay (Did he perhaps mean it sarcastically since I was already there doing my thing?) but the others continued to whisper and give me the evil look so as soon as the cool down started, I fled the scene as fast as I could but not before quietly apologizing to the trainer.

I felt quite dizzy after finishing the run so abruptly, the disadvantage of running on the treadmill. I usually need a few minutes of walking and finally just standing in a place when I use the treadmill, otherwise I always get dizzy, like now.

I still don’t think I did anything wrong, although the people there probably thought I was being rude, but I am a guest at this hotel, a paying customer, I have as much right to use the gym as they have, and there was no notice on the door that such a group course was taking place. Nevertheless I am hoping not to see those people during dinner tonight or at breakfast tomorrow.

To add more bad luck to my day, I forgot the key card to the room so I had to go all tired and sweaty to the reception to ask for another one.

As a last word about this gym fiasco, I decided to look on the bright side: it felt good to be running again after 2 days break. I forgot how much easier it is to run on the treadmill compared to outside.

And now a topic change, I am quite disappointed with the Endomondo app because:

  • The distance and speed for workouts on the treadmill aren’t accurately displayed and can’t be entered/corrected.
  • Needing internet connection for using the training plan is horrible. It should be available offline too!

And last but not least, I will leave you to drool over these amazing dishes of my 5-course (ok, 4-course since I skipped cheese and fruits) dinner from tonight:


Did I mention how much I love pumpkin seeds with a salad? Plus it’s healthy too!


Chicken soup with veggies and noodles


Roasted chicken leg quarter with vegetables and polenta


I think my bf picked better: the schnitzels in Austria are phenomenal!


Sweet cheese strudel with caramel sauce

Not sure if I did enough sports to earn all this but I sure loved it and it’s the last evening here so let’s call it a cheat day!

Workouts today:

  • 30 minutes swimming
  • 30 minutes running on the treadmill
  • 5 km walking

More pictures here: Kaprun in November 2013