I have heard a lot of good about juicing and decided to try it out a few months ago.

I’ve tasted good juices and bad ones too during this time. The bad ones I had to force myself to drink. The good ones I couldn’t get enough of.

I buy mainly organic vegetables and fruits. The cost is much higher than the non-organic products, we sometimes even pay twice as much at the grocery store as we previously used to. But it’s worth it, I think organic products are healthier and they taste so much better.

The real success story that I actually wanted to share with you was how healthy juicing really is. I’ve been struggling with some health problems over the years and I could only keep them in check by taking medicine for several months every year. At my last check up in December, the results were not satisfactory once again. This is when I started juicing and last week I was at a check up again. Well, surprise surprise, the results of the blood analysis and other procedures were remarkably positive. The doctor couldn’t write any diagnose because after 7 years of constant battle I was finally completely healthy.

Additionally to juicing, I have also discovered smoothies recently. I bought myself a blender and prepared delicious smoothies from frozen organic fruits blended with yogurt and milk. These smoothies taste even better than super-expensive big-name ice creams bought from the store.

I even bought a juicer and blender for my mom and convinced her and my brother to start too.

I am incredibly happy that after so many years I can say that I am healthy again and I will definitely continue juicing and preparing smoothies as they are not only healthy but yummy too.