Picture of the day: the market


This week has been loaded with so many things to do. I was on a training from Monday till Wednesday and each day after the training I have worked a bit on my pending tasks. I ended up arriving home late in the evening and went straight to sleep after having had a small dinner.

The next days after the training was over I had to make up for the lost three days and finish my tasks. It went faster than I expected and I was all done in the early afternoon on Friday.

The weather looked also nice so I spontaneously decided to leave early from work to enjoy the sunny afternoon in the inner city. I haven’t been here since months! It’s been too cold to go outside till now.

After a small snack I took a walk on the Easter market. A visit to Starbucks was also mandatory, of course!

It’s been such a nice Friday afternoon after a chaotic workweek. As soon as spring comes, I’ll definitely come more often to the inner city.