Picture of the day: going to Ikea


We had to go to Ikea today to buy a specific present for the first birthday party of our friends’ daughter.

My boyfriend was not so excited as I told him yesterday evening and he wasn’t in a big hurry today as we were getting ready to leave. He was probably hoping that there’s a chance he might skip it.

I can completely understand it, spending Saturday at Ikea with a big crowd of people pushing everyone around is not my all time favorite either. Everything is organised so that we had to pass through each section, wheather we wanted or not. My boyfriend needed a break as soon as we went in, thus the picture of the day. Needless to say that the item we were looking for was at the very end.

Even though we were in and out in 30 minutes, it had a great impact on our good mood and we needed some good food to get back into our happy place again.

I guess we won’t be going to Ikea anytime soon.