Wisdom teeth extraction – after 8 months

After reading the blog entries I posted after the extraction, I realize now that didn’t know back then how lucky I am. The operation was under local anesthetic, which was a bit weird, but it was better than completely being knocked out. Afterward it felt uncomfortable a bit and it took more time to clean the wounds daily than the usual teeth brushing session. But the operation went smooth and fast (3 teeth in 15 minutes). I wasn’t in any pain. The wounds didn’t get infected.

Now that so much time has passed and the wounds are nicely healed (which took only about 3 months), I realize that I had it easy and I should be grateful for that.

Before doing the operation, I was in constant pain, even if only small pain, for several years. I worried a lot about the pain but also about how the wisdom teeth might ruin my other teeth. It was the right thing to do.

Today I’m grateful to my dentist for sending me to have them pulled out. I’m grateful to the surgeon for doing all 3 in 15 minutes and helping me through the healing process both physically and mentally. I’m grateful to the internet for finding this private practice. I’m grateful to my boyfriend for putting up with me during that difficult time. I’m grateful to my family for giving me moral support. And last but not least, I’m grateful for having had lots of ice cubes to reduce the swelling, painkillers for the pain (I took them in the first 3 days just for the case, even though I didn’t feel much pain) but also the mouth shower to keep the wounds clean.

I’m absolutely sure that I made a good decision and now that it’s over, I can enjoy life!