Bad JavaScript practices: video, tools, webinars

I watched two days ago a great webinar “Good C# Habits Can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits”, which might be interesting to you as well.

You can find more info and the recorded video here:

Additional resources are also listed on that page, in case you don’t have time to watch the video.

The slides (in HTML5) are very interesting, you should at least take a look at them: (open in Chrome or Firefox)

The tools that caught my attention are the where you can check the quality of your javascript code to see if you have written any that are among the bad practices and , an online editor where you can add HTML, JavaScript and CSS code and check the result on the spot. You can also share your jsFiddle example with others, embed it in a webpage/blog, run jsLint on it and so on.

BTW, devexpress is organizing webinars almost every day. See if you find any which might interest you: