New Year’s resolutions


Well, this is it! 2011! A fresh start with new opportunities!

I am actually happy with how 2010 has treated me, it was a good year. My health was good but I lost control of my fitness and diet plan so that’s the first thing I want to improve:

1. Lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, don’t get sick

At work I had plenty to do, always busy, which is good and it should stay the same this year too so I would like to:

2. Work harder and better

But I never managed to make that MCPD upgrade exam so that’s also on the top of my list:

3. Complete at least one Microsoft certification exam

Directly connected to this resolution is also the next one:

4. Learn new things, improve my knowledge

Working so much in the office can have a negative impact on my health so it’s very important that I:

5. Reduce and manage stress better

About my personal self, I would like to:

6. Enjoy life, read more, be a better girlfriend, be less grumpy, be nicer to everyone and control my anger better

Last but not least (actually this is one of the most important ones):

7. Help my family more and I wish they stay healthy this year and the years to come

OK, so these are my most important resolutions but if the 2011 will be half as good as 2010 was, I will be happy.