Customer care

I’m terrified to call the T-Mobile customer service. I’m always put on hold and most of the time I have to call over and over again until my problem is solved.

I closed a contract with T-Mobile when I purchased my iPhone 4. Even though I placed the order on August 18, my contract’s start date is October 4. Right after that T-Mobile has introduced a much better deal. Now the Complete 120 plan (which I chose because it includes 120 minutes in any network, 40 SMS and 5 MMS) with the “Online Rabatz” special offer costs less and the Internet usage is unlimited.

It would have been nice if I would have been informed in time about this offer because then I would have waited a little longer with the order. Alternatively I would have been happy if I was asked whether I want to upgrade. So basically now I pay more and get only 200 Mb included, compared to the new offer, which includes unlimited Internet.

Therefore I emailed them asking if it would be possible to upgrade my contract to this new Complete 120. It wasn’t about the money. I’m a new customer and this contract is valid for the next two years. I’m not allowed to downgrade in the first year but of course I can upgrade any time I want if it means that the company gets more money. So obviously I cannot ask them to lower the monthly fee. But for me the unlimited internet is very important and I would have been very grateful if I could at least get that, even if the price stays the same. To my surprise, I received an answer the next day confirming my new contract details with unlimited data usage.

Although lots of companies don’t care about this, it’s extremely important to provide good service to their customers. T-Mobile has tempting offers and also the best infrastructure in Germany, which actually made me decide to switch to them. But the company has so many clients, especially because they have an exclusive deal with Apple to sell iPhones, that it probably doesn’t matter to them if they lose some. At least that’s the impression I get, when talking over the phone with their customer service.

Nevertheless, this new experience is a good sign that not all is so bad. I just hope that I won’t have any critical issues which force me to call them. I will try to stick to email from now on.