Theories about the ending of Inception

Christopher Nolan is a genius! All his films are brilliant, just think of “The Dark Night” or “Memento”.

So I watched this movie “Inception” twice already but I’m still confused about the finale. Was Dom Cobb still in the dream world in that closing shot when he is finally reunited with his family?

This is what I gathered so far:

The reality hypothesis:

+ His father was in the last scene. He never appeared in his dreams, right? Even Michael Caine, who plays the role of Dom’s father, confirms this. (See related links.)

+ As he calls out to his kids, they turn and run to him. When he is a dream state, he never succeeds to see his children’s face because their grandmother calls them away.

The dream hypothesis:

– The totem keeps spinning.

– The kids didn’t age and are wearing the same clothes.

What do you think?

I’ve read lots of explanations but I guess this was all part of Nolan’s plan to leave the decision up to us. The optimists would say that he returned to his real life and the pessimists will claim that he was stuck in the Limbo forever. But I will always remain an optimist at heart. 🙂

I believe that the key to Christopher Nolan’s big success are his unique stories and the talented actors who are able to portray the characters so real that we almost forget that it’s all fiction. This film is a new proof that he has the gift to captivate the audience and keep the viewers talking about it long after leaving the theater.

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