Crime dinner in the castle of Heidelberg

I booked us a crime dinner in the castle in Heidelberg back in June. It was a surprise gift for our 10 years anniversary. I searched for a show with Sherlock Holmes because my bf loves Holmes and I found The Hound of Baskerville here , plus the dinner menu sounded delicious. Having dinner in a castle is a nice perk too.

We decided to stay over the weekend since the dinner was on Friday evening from 19 o’clock. We didn’t want to have to drive back at midnight and we could have a glass of wine too.

The drive was 4 hours due to traffic jam but we arrived early at 16 o’clock to the hotel with enough time to rest before going to the castle. We took a cab and arrived early enough to walk around the castle, it was spooky in the dark. Perfect location for a crime dinner. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The room in the castle where the dinner took place was beautiful. We dropped our jackets, looked on the board to see where our seats are and picked up a glass of champaigne before heading to our table. The advantage of getting there early was that we got to pick good seats overlooking the podium where the show was going to be played. Some crime dinners have large long table crowded with people and I loved that here we had tables for 10 people, with a total of 100 people.

All the tables and guests were participants in the story. The tables were arranged by certain groups from the story, our table was the journalists of Devon Chronicles. We had a nice group of people sitting at our table, it was tough getting the conersation going at the beginning and everyone was speaking only to their partner. I am not the most social person but we had a nice couple next to us and they were very friendly and curious to get to know us.

The show started and the actors came around all the tables to present themselves. During the break the appetizer was served, a mix of salmon with red beet paste. Even my bf ate is all, even though he is not a fan of salmon and red beet. The main course was steak with potato purree.

Finally a crime was committed and the guests at each table had to brainstorm together over creme brulee with dark chocolate ice cream for dessert to find out who was the murderer. This is where our table really connected and everyone was deep in discussion with theories and possible suspects. Our theory proved to be true and we were very close to who the murderer was, we picked the married couple but it was it turned out to be the woman.

It was a fun night and it was definitely worth driving to Heidelberg. The location in the castle was perfect, the story and the actors performed great and the dinner was delicious. We took a cab back to the hotel and called it a night.

We are staying for the whole weekend in Heidelberg and we kicked off Saturday with a tasty breakfast at the Merlin Restaurant near our hotel. Despite the rain whole day, e walked to the inner city and visited the main street. We took the lift to the castle and walked inside and outside. It didn’t look so scary during the day. We returned to the city center and went to the small but cozy cinema Gloria to watch Murder On The Orient Express. This movie fit right into our weekend with the crime dinner. We got soaking wet on our way back to the hotel, it was raining very badly. We had to change into dry clothes before going to dinner at Merlin. I had the most delicious salad with baked feta, tzatziki and hummus.

All the pictures are here.