Long weekend in Kaprun

I woke up early to get some work done before traveling to Kaprun. It was raining whole day so the drive took longer than usual. There was traffic jam on the way and we caught an accident as well so we had to go around. Luckily we arrived right on time for dinner which was a 5-course menu and we were hungry so we did not want to miss it.


The weather on the first day was better than expected. Although pretty cold, the sun was shining. I walked 3 km to Tauernspa and stayed for 3 hours at the spa, just relaxing on the sunbed, swimming and sitting in the pool outside enjoying the sun. I walked 3 km back to the hotel and had a small lunch, which is also included in half-board. In the evening I was just lazy, watching TV and surfing on the internet. That is the point of a vacation after all, right?


There was a big storm on the second day. I have never experienced such a storm and it was scary to say the least. Some roads were closed and we had to move the car because trees are falling. The ski slopes were closed so the hotel was full with guests. The spa and the gym was very crowded. We decided to escape from the crowd and just relax in our room during the day, I read a book whole morning and did a workout in the room at noon before having lunch. I spent the whole afternoon working on a small pet project and I was so deep in coding that we almost missed dinner, which was again super delicious.


The weather was slightly better on the next day. The storm was gone but it was still very cold and cloudy. I stayed at the hotel and visited the spa for a few hours, which was completely empty because everyone was out skiing. Win!ย I had some gulyas soup for lunch and I was not ashamed that I went to get a second bowl because it was that delicious.

The hotel has obviously Hungarian cooks and I am happy about it since I get to taste some of the most delicious Hungarian dishes. I heard them talking in Hungarian at the buffet dinner at they were serving us but actually the food at lunch and dinner already tipped me off. Every day we had some kind of Hungarian dish: Somloi galuska, Porkolt, gulyas.


The sun decided to show itself on our last day in Kaprun so I joined my bf and we drove to catch the lift to the top of the glacier. We waited 30 minutes to get my ticket while it went so much faster at the other cashier desks, I swear I always have bad luck and I pick the wrong line every time. It was warm and sunny all day up on the mountain and it was lovely. I drank a mulled wine in the Apres Ski bar and had Kaiserschmarrn for lunch at the restaurant. I only had to go 3 times to check for Kaiserschmarrn because they were all out but Kaiserschmarrn is a must every time I come to Austria and it was worth it.

On the next day I woke up with a terrible throat pain. I somehow managed to catch a cold. Nevertheless we packed, had some breakfast and set out on the road to get home. We had to get around the highway because there was an accident but we arrived home without any big delay. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and drinking teas so I can cure the cold. Unfortunately the throat pain continued on the next day and I went to work but I went to the doctor on Friday and stayed home so I can get better until Monday.

More pictures here.