Spa day and the castle of Kaprun

The bad news is that I caught a cold. We arrived to Kaprun on Friday evening. Many people were coughing and sneezing at breakfast on the next morning (without putting their hands to their mouth 😦 ) and by afternoon my throat was sore and hurting. I’ve been walking around with this cold on these last two days and today it hit me real good. It might be because I was on the mountain yesterday and it was so cold, and that 11K run yesterday didn’t help me get better either.

But I was not going to sit in the hotel room and whine about it. I decided to stick to the plan so I was going to spend the day at Tauernspa relaxing and getting pampered. So I got up this morning, had some boiled eggs for breakfast (it was the first time that I didn’t get hard-boiled eggs at a hotel, yaay!), packed my bathing suit and headed to the spa. It was cloudy and foggy but it was nice and warm inside. I rented a bag wit bathrobe and bath towel, it’s just that they didn’t have a bag and the robe was in size XL. I looked totally ridiculous in it but who cares. 🙂

I arrived just in time for the morning aqua gymnastics class and it was the best that I ever attended, the trainer was super fit and lean and very entertaining, we had a lot of fun doing a 30-minute HIIT workout while fighting against the water. Since I am sick with this nasty cold, I didn’t want to stay too long in the water and make it worse so I spent the rest of the time reading and having a coffee & cakes break (yes, cakes in plural! :P) at the spa restaurant.

I headed back to the hotel when the time was up at the spa and my muscles were so sore from the workouts that I did on the last two days that I desperately needed a nice long stretching session and I did 20 minutes yoga too. My legs are still killing me though. 😦

Afterwards I got quickly ready and headed to the Castle of Kaprun for the guided tour. It’s the 4th time that we are in Kaprun and I didn’t get a chance to see the castle inside until now. The castle is open every Monday at 16 o’clock, the manager talks about the history of the castle and shows the guests around. I was greeted by the two castle dogs, barking at every guest entering the castle. The manager introduced herself in the local dialect “Pinzgauer Deutsch” which she said it was must must but I don’t really understand her so well and then she switched to “Hochdeutsch” for the tour, it pretty much sounded like the dialect to me, but I think I understood the main points. 🙂

The castle is privately owned by 18 people, it was destroyed many many years ago but renovated using the old stones so it looks like the original and it is now a cultural center. Gala dinners are organized for international companies, and also private parties, Irish night for every St. Patrick’s Day and other cultural events. Burgfest is every July.

We visited the Hall of Knights (Rittersaal), the Gallery Hall (Galleriesaal) and one of the towers (Turm) with the guide. 350 musketeers lived in this castle at one time. We continued on our own to the the second tower that is not renovated yet and it was impressive to see the difference between the two towers: the one that was renovated and the one which was not. The castle is old, the doors don’t open easily, there are strange sounds in the rooms and of course someone had to joke around because it’s Halloween after all and scare us to death. Needless to say that I hurried after the other guests so I don’t get locked into a room and end up left behind. 🙂