Autumn in Kaprun

Winter is coming! Just kidding. 🙂 I know it’s autumn, I love autumn and all the beautiful colors but the ski season is starting on the glaciers and we decided to drive to the mountains for this long weekend. I had to work on Friday but I finished early and we drove straight from the office to Kaprun. There were traffic jams everywhere, many were on their way to the mountains as well so the usual 3-4 hours drive took us 6 hours and we arrived to our hotel at 9 in the evening. The hotel staff was nice enough to keep the kitchen open for us so we can have a quick dinner.

I slept great and we got up around 8 on the next day. I normally need a coffee as soon as I wake up so we headed to breakfast. The scrambled eggs were very heavy in my stomach so I decided to go out for a walk and check out Kaprun. We’ve already been here three times before but I kind of forgot everything. I walked in the city and visited the castle, which was unfortunately closed. I played Ingress and, like every time I am here, I did a quick shopping spree in the sports store this time as well, on the way back to the hotel.

I changed into my workout clothes (got busted by the cleaning lady while I was changing as she just barged into the room, doesn’t she know how to knock?!) and headed to the hotel gym. Calling it a gym is overrated but I planned to do the last Freeletics bodyweight workout that I had from the coach so this fitness room was enough for what I needed. I also packed my resistance band so I did some exercises with the band for the legs and booty. I actually forgot to pack t-shirts and leggings for my workouts but luckily it just so happened that I bought a t-shirt today and I improvised for the leggings and wore the skiing underwear that pretty much looks like basic black leggings.

After the workout I changed again into my bathing suit and headed for a short swim in the wellness area. I had the pool all to myself. 🙂

But then I got so hungry so I went back to the room to change and headed to the hotel restaurant for lunch. They offer a small buffet in the afternoon but there were no free tables, there was a huge line at the coffee machine and there was no food left. It was actually super embarrassing because I sat down at the only empty table and got some evil looks from the people around me and it turns out that the table was occupied but they were getting food. Then I ordered a coffee from the waiter and I was asked if I m staying at this hotel because I can help myself to the coffee machine between 14 and 17 o’clock, this wasn’t like this until now and usually they covered the coffee machine after breakfast so people order coffee and pay for it. Having embarrassed myself enough, I went to check the food buffet and saw that there was no food left, so I got my wallet from the room and went to the super market to get some fruits and snacks.

All the pictures are uploaded here to OneDrive.