Lake Ursu National Reserve

We drove out to Sovata and the Bear Lake on Sunday. We often come to this beautiful lake when I visit my family but I convinced my mom and brother to do the full tour this time. We ate a Hungarian Langos topped with sour cream and cheese before the hike to fill up our energy. 😉


The Lake Ursu National Reserve has 5 salt lakes, although many are mostly dry already. I planned to visit them all. 😀


We started our walk at Lacul Ursu heading towards Lacul Alunis. From there the Salt Trail took us in the woods to Lacul Mierlei. The distances on the map looks far but it was actually much closer than we thought. We passed the Lacul Serpilor on the way back to the Lacul Ursu. From here we took a short detour to Lacul Rosu but it was crowded because lots of kids were here on a trip with the school so we continued our tour to Lacul Paraschiva where we watched someone swim in the cold lake with the ducklings. The Bear Trail took us up on a very steep hill where we decided to get off the trail to find our way to the Lacul Tineretului on our own. My brother used an app on his phone which led us directly to the adventure park and the lake. We were very tempted to try the adventure park and climb on the trees, even though I am kind of afraid of heights, but many people were waiting in the line so we decided to come back another time, fully equipped with proper clothes and a GoPro. The adventure park even goes across the lake, how cool is that? I can’t wait to try it next time. Finally we took the path back to  Lacul Ursu and finished the 8,5 km hike in 3 hours.

Afterwards we drove to our favorite fish restaurant for some delicious trout before heading home. A perfect ending of a perfect day. ❤



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