Beautiful Sarajevo

After visiting Wonderful Dubrovnik we booked two bus tickets online to Sarajevo. We planned to spend 3 days in Sarajevo exploring the city and enjoying the good food.

The bus ride

Initially we wanted to rent a car and drive to Sarajevo but we quickly realized that there are traffic jams at the border and it would be faster with the bus. Plus it was also much much cheaper than the rental car.

The bus ride took 7 hours and we had the best seats in the front row, we made several breaks and we didn’t starve on the way, our hotel in Dubrovnik packed us a small bag full with delicious goodies for the road because the bus was early and we had to miss breakfast. We had only 20 minutes break in Jablanica otherwise we would’ve definitely had some lamb for lunch there, this is the best place so if you are nearby do not miss the roasted lamb in Zdrava Voda!

In Sarajevo

We arrived to the bus station in Sarajevo and got a cab to our hotel. We booked Hotel Colors Inn Sarajevo, the number 1 hotel in Sarajevo on TripAdvisor, and we were not disappointed. The hotel is located centrally just a few minutes away from the BBI Shopping Centre and the pedestrian area leading to the old town. The hotel and the rooms are modern designed and the breakfast is delicious.

We spent the 3 next days exploring the city and the old town, eating cevapi in that delicious bread, enjoying coffee and Krempita cake. The weather was great, very hot with some rains here and there. We went to the cinema, the movies are not dubbed and we could watch in English. I spent lots of time (and money) browsing the stores and shopping in the BBI Shopping Centre,  Sarajevo City Center and Alta Shopping Center. They are all located within walking distance from the hotel so I even ventured out to the malls alone.

After arriving to the hotel and resting, we headed to the old town for dinner. We’ve been dreaming about the cevapi in Sarajevo ever since we were in Sarajevo 5 years ago and it did not disappoint. The best cevapi are at Cevabdzinica Zeljo. For dessert I had to have a Krempita cake. We pretty much had a Krempita cake everyday because we had to test 3 cake shops to decide which had the best one. 🙂

We took the full tour of the city on the next day. We walked in the Austro-Hungarian quarter, down to the river of Miljacka where we checked the new Festina Lente Bridge over the river designed by three students of the Fine Arts Academy. We went along the river to see the city hall because it was under construction 5 years ago. We finished our walk in the old town of Sarajevo again as it started to rain so we took a coffee & Krempita cake break before going to the cinema to watch Jason Bourne movie that was just released. Dinner after the cinema was obviously again 10 cevapi with this delicious bread, fresh cheese and onion. There are many other good foods here too but I really really wanted this for so long that I need to have enough so it will hold me for awhile.

On our last full day we visited the Sarajevo City Center mall. I was astonished, it was the best looking mall I have even been to with so many shops that I was exhausted. We had dinner at the Kimono cafe sushi bar located in the mall with great food.

Our plane was leaving in the evening on the next day so we had some free time before heading to the airport in the evening. We had breakfast, packed our luggage and dropped it off at the hotel reception for safekeeping and headed to the old city again for a few hours. We shared delicious pies for lunch at Buregdzinica Bosna: filled with cheese, spinach and minced meat.

Flying home

The flight home with Eurowings was less than perfect which kind of ruined our perfect vacation in Dubrovnik and Sarajevo. Our plane had 3 hours delay, so we couldn’t land in Stuttgart anymore (where my brother was waiting to pick us up so we had to send him home) because of the ban on night flights so we were flown all the way to Köln (not München, not Frankfurt, not Nürnberg, but Köln?!) where we waited over 1 hour for our luggage and we were given a cab voucher to get home. I should consider it lucky that they didn’t drive us with the bus to Stuttgart which would’ve taken even longer for us to get home. We waited and searched for an hour for a cab driver willing to drive us so far. The cab ride took 3,5 hours so instead of arriving home on Saturday evening, we got home on Sunday at 7 in the morning. What an awful flight and overall experience, this seems to be happening very often. I will never fly with Eurowings again!