Weekend adventures

Learn and move was the name of the game last weekend.


Saturday started with a long slow-paced run and a cool-down walk to the nearby bakery to get fresh bread. We ordered groceries online on Friday and they were delivered on Saturday as soon as I got back from my run. I spent the afternoon watching the web development training course on Microsoft Virtual Academy to complete the Know It. Prove It. challenge. I took a break only to complete Kayla’s legs & cardio resistance training workout.


Sunday started with Kayla’sย arms & abs resistance training workout followed by crepes for breakfast while watching cartoons on Netflix. The sun started to shine around noon so we walked to the city center for lunch. It was very crowded because all the stores were open. I considered checking out the stores but I wasn’t in the mood anymore after having that yummy steak so I picked up an espresso macchiato from Starbucks and walked back home. We ended up spending the evening on the couch catching up on Better Call Saul on Netflix.


My Bosu Balance Trainer was delivered on Saturday and we set it up on Sunday. Looking forwardย to try it out this week!