What I Ate Wednesday #2 – Recent Eats


Hello and welcome to What I Ate Wednesday, Recent Eats edition!


Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast during the week. It’s quickly prepared and keeps me full until lunch. I experimented a bit these last few weeks with the toppings and discovered delicious combinations. Dark chocolate, peanut butter, fresh or frozen berries give a nice flavor to the oatmeal.

The weekend mornings are for a more complex breakfast: fried or scrambled eggs with wholemeal bread and salad or sweet crepes with dark chocolate spread are the usual. I complete this breakfast with fresh fruits, grapefruit and mango being my favorites.

We started recently buying fresh wholemeal bread from the bakery and I often do bruschetta. Pb&j sandwiches are also back! I had them quite often long time ago and took a break because I was going through peanut butter jars too fast, I will try to kepp it under control this time. 🙂


My morning or afternoon snacks are a piece of dark chocolate, a few dark chocolate covered rice waffles, fruits (apple or clementine) or a handful of almonds.


I was super busy these last few weeks so I had no time for meal prepping or for cooking in the evening. We ordered often from our favorite places, usually just salads to keep it light for the evening.

On weekends we have more time, hence the homemade burger and I prepare some steamed veggies and rice upfront for the upcoming week.

We also go out to dinner and we alternate between our favorite Italian, Thai and steak restaurants. I normally skip dessert but I couldn’t resist that delicious Raspberry New York Cheesecake one evening when we stopped by Starbucks for a tea after dinner.

Looking back at all these food pictures, it looks like I eat a lot but this is from the last 4-5 weeks so I think it is acceptable.