Marvelous In My Monday #2 – Short Weekend & Insomnia


Happy Monday! Welcome to my second Marvelous In My Monday party!

Let me start by saying that there is nothing marvelous about this Monday for me. I slept terrible last night, I actually went to bed early at 10 p.m. because I planned to go running this morning (first LISS of pre-training week 3 of Kayla Itsines’ bikini Body Training Guide) but nothing went according to plan so I feel tired and grumpy today.

But let’s rewind to my weekend.

I left work on Friday afternoon and as usual went straight to the gym for an excruciatingly painful arms & abs session. After being in pain the entire pre-training week 1 due to sore muscles, I was surprised that I didn’t feel any soreness during this pre-training week 2, even though I upped the intensity during the workouts this week. I guess I am getting used to this kind of circuit body-weight training with plyometrics but I didn’t expect it to happen this soon.

Anyways, I went home on Friday after gym and relaxed on the couch for the rest of the evening. I am up to date with Pretty Little Liars and I am waiting each week for a new episode, I am not allowed to watch Sons of Anarchy without my bf so I took Netflix’s suggestion and started The Vampire Diaries. Needless to say that I am hooked now on yet another TV show. I sneaked in a couple of episodes of Orange Is The New Black, it’s not bad but I am not so much into it.

Saturday started with 4 big piles of laundry, strongly hoping that it won’t rain as the weather forecast predicted because I had a LISS session planned and I was in the mood to go outside, instead of going to the gym again.

I was at the gym on Thursday for cardio and I did 45 minutes on the cross-trainer at intensity 7 and an average of 65 rpm. I always take my Soul Transform headphones with me and watch tv while doing cardio. Time passes by so much faster. The only thing that I hate about the cross-trainer is that my toes hurt at the end. Perhaps I should look into buying some new shoes but I have already so many that I can’t really justify spending money on another pair. I should definitely get fitted at a sports store next time though, instead of hunting down the sales.

The waiting on Saturday paid of and we were on our way to the city around noon. 45 minutes and 4.1 km later of walking in the cold along the lake and in the park, we arrived. After running a few errands, we decided to have lunch at a steakhouse, we picked up some coffee at Starbucks, fresh bread from the bakery and it started to rain right when we wanted to walk back home. We took the tram instead and spent the rainy evening watching Sons of Anarchy till very very late at night. I also did a rehabilitation session for my poor muscles by foam rolling and stretching.

Sunday started, as usual, with pancakes for breakfast and watching the Ski World Cup on TV. I like alpine skiing and cross country skiing, so we watched the Women’s downhill in Cortina (Lindsey won!!! 🙂 ), 12.5 km biathlon and the male downhill in Wengen.

I did the BBTG full body workout in the afternoon in my little home gym that I set up in our bedroom. I have everything I need, except for a few heavier weights which I will order soon.

I spent the evening preparing meals for this week and watching The Vampire Diaries. As I wrote at the beginning, the plan was to go to bed early, I prepared all my favorite running clothes in the evening and I was really looking forward to an early morning jog at sunrise. I haven’t been running outside since at least 8-9 months.

I tossed and turned whole night, looking at the clock and getting angry that I can’t fall asleep although I felt tired enough. I probably got some sleep during the night but too little. I woke up around 6:30 a.m. and I knew that I won’t be able to get back to sleep again so I got up for coffee and to think over if I will go running or not. I felt so tired and it was still dark till 7:30 a.m. I don’t like running in the dark, it’s too spooky. By the time there was some light outside, I already washed my hair and ate my oats so I packed my gym bag and left for work. My bad luck continued on the way to work, it took me almost 1.5 hours to get to the office because there was a fire at one of the subway stations so all trains had long delays.

This wasn’t exactly the right start of the week but I will make the best of it. I already had two coffees and I hope I will have enough power for LISS at the gym after work. It’s still getting dark early at 4:30 p.m. so it would be dark already by the time I get home from work so I am stuck with the gym today. 😦

How was your weekend? Are you having a better Monday?