2-Week Recap

I’ve been MIA in the last few weeks because I have been traveling a lot. I came to visit my family on Wednesday two weeks ago and we drove to the Balaton lake on Saturday that week and spent a whole week there on vacation (blog post about Balaton coming soon).

We got back on Friday this week and I will be staying with my family till Monday next week when I am flying back and getting back to my daily life and my usual routine again.

Fitness & Nutrition

These two weeks have been so awesome fitness-wise and even if I am on vacation I stayed very active which I am so happy about.

I was too busy on the days leading up to the trip to manage to squeeze in a workout because I had to finish all my tasks at work, shop for presents and pack for the trip. Also the first couple of days after arriving to my family were quite lazy, I spent two days resting, relaxing and sleeping in as much as possible. But I think I more than made up for these rest days afterwards.

The drive to Balaton took all Saturday but I was back in the (hotel) gym on Sunday and I decided to start Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer again. The first week is only 4-day workout but I did an extra leg day on the fifth and I am taking a couple of rest days now to recover from (probably) overtraining a bit since I also went running along the Balaton lake almost every day and did a lot of swimming and walking too.

My nutrition has been more or less OK, as OK as it can be with lots of delicious food at the buffet breakfast and dinner at the hotel each day. I mostly skipped lunch completely and tried to stick to the healthy stuff at breakfast and dinner: no fries, no cakes, no ice cream and I am really proud that I stayed strong. I won’t torture you with pics of all the yummy food I ate during this trip but you can check it on my Instagram if you want. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am happy to report that my weight not only did NOT increase after this trip but it actually went down and I feel like I built some extra muscles too. I can’t wait to measure the muscle mass and body fat as soon as I get back.


I took a two weeks break from all geek-related stuff to disconnect and enjoy some quality time with my family. It’s been hard because I love programming and I really wanted to take out my Entity Framework book or watch a Pluralsight course but I come to visit my family every 6 months or so and I had to remind myself that I should really use this time to catch up with my family and have some fun together.

I’ve been however following NDC Oslo on social media and reading all the programming-related tweets and articles to stay up to date with what’s going on.


I am on a two weeks break from all media-related stuff as well for the same reason as above. I watched a few episodes of the new HBO tv show Silicon Valley which I think is great and funny but other than that I avoided any other tv shows or movies and instead went outdoors for a run, did city visits, went swimming and enjoyed the hotel spa. I will definitely try to keep this up during the summer too, the weather is just too nice to stay indoor in front of the tv and I want to go biking often too, perhaps even bike to work at least once or twice a week (which is 30 km totally).