Weekly Recap

Fitness & Nutrition

I haven’t reached my goal of 5 workouts this week but I am happy nevertheless. This week was more cardio-oriented, I went running three times (once with the trainer and the group I signed up for a couple of weeks ago) and each running workout was awesome!


I did a really sloppy Total Body Style class at the gym, I say sloppy because my mind was really not into it. I somehow survived the hour but I didn’t enjoy it so much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I went on a shopping spree yesterday and bought a bunch of workout gear. New gym clothes are always a good motivation for me!


I am cleaning up my nutrition slowly and it has its ups and downs but it’s going overall pretty good. Weekends are now usually more successful because I have more time for healthier breakfasts. I just put together some eggs and I am done but during the week I have only 30 minutes for breakfast and to get ready for work because I don’t want to give up my beauty sleep so I usually have some mรผsli or oats with coffee but I lack the protein.


I am obsessed right now with the tomato mozzarella salads. A little high on fat but delicious!


I am trying to lean out a bit for the trip in two weeks because I will be spending a week at a lake in a hotel with spa and a beach so I gotta look nice. I am not going to any extreme measures but just staying within my daily calorie and macro goals.

The scale and the measurements showed some minor improvements this weekend in all areas (weight, body fat and muscle) so I hope it will continue in this direction for the next weeks too.


– Dance Mix on the Nokia Mix Radio (offline support) for running


I am still learning for the MCPD upgrade exam. These upgrade exams are super-difficult because these contains usually 3-4 normal exams. This one in particular contains 4 so I have quite a lot of topics to cover.

I am currently studying data access, I watched ADO.Net Fundamentals on Pluralsight and I am currently watching Entity Framework by Example by Julie Lerman. I am also reading her book Programming Entity Framework.

I did some coding this week on my game app for Windows 8, cleaned up the solution and I am making an attempt to use Box2DX as physics and collision engine. The documentation is not so helpful so I am currently putting the pieces together to how this should work.

Lots of meetings at work this week but I am finishing up a big programming task too and doing the mentoring as well.

I extended my photography gear with a new all-rounder lens and tried it out today. Except for the annoying dust particles in the view finder which I tried to clean whole morning and failed (actually made it worst too), I am very happy with my current gear and can’t wait to do some nice shots soon.



Top C# Questions Answered
Free “Get Involved!” course by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery


I finished watching all 7 seasons of 30 Rock. I am kind of sad that it’s over but also disappointed with the ending. I am going to miss that Liz Lemon so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

I tried to watch Revenge season 3 but I wasn’t so much into it or it was just simply boring because I stopped after the first two episodes. I had some movie fails too (my “lucky” week I guess) I picked the wrong movies (I won’t say which so I don’t spoil it for you, you’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but they had such good reviews on IMDB that I feel tricked. I had to eventually stop watching them after the first half an hour.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to read books right now so I am sticking to technical books currently. I started reading Technical Blogging: Turn Your Expertise into a Remarkable Online Presence by Antonio Cangiano and I haven’t made it far yet. I would like to blog more about technical topics and I am sure that this book would help with my writing skills in other areas too.