Weekly Recap

Fitness & Nutrition

I think I can keep this part short since I didn’t go to the gym this week and did no sports whatsoever, except for walking home from the train station one evening because I missed the bus by one second. But the walk took only about 15 minutes so I don’t count it as a big workout, although it did help me relax and disconnect a bit from everything.

Nutrition-wise I haven’t been logging in MyFitnessPal, I started on Monday but then stopped and haven’t continued ever since. I just couldn’t find the time and energy to do it. I am swamped at work and I was fighting jetlag in the evenings. Nevertheless I tried to keep it healthy and do some serious portion control and just stop eating when I felt full. I hate to waste food but I am also proud of myself for saying no when I had enough.

This week has been obviously not ideal but I don’t think I can do a lot of damage just within one week, plus sometimes we just need a break.

I guess we all have periods where things just don’t go the way they should and I definitely miss exercising and seeing that I have met my calorie and macro goals perfectly after a day. All I can do is to try to do better in the near future.


I continued with my demo Windows 8 game app and I have some animations built in now too, I used Storyboard which is perhaps not the best way but I think it is good enough for the beginning.

I am still preparing for the MCPD upgrade exam and I am still at the part with WCF services. I watched lots of videos and I am now reading a book. I made a learning plan for the next few months and if all goes well I will be finishing with it till end of June. Last deadline for the exam is end of July so I hope everything will go well because I will come pretty close.

I started mentoring a colleague this week (first time mentoring so suggestions are welcome), she is doing her research paper in our department. We suggested multiple topics and she picked test automation. We are building the base now with OOP and C#, theory first and a nice small application afterwards to put the programming theory to practice. This application will be then used for her research in the area of test automation and then as a base for writing the research paper.

I am glad that I accepted to do this because by doing the mentoring I get to teach computer science to a hopefully future fellow female developer but I have also the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and I hope that I will learn some new things as well.


I am currently watching 30 Rock, just finished season 4, and Damages, started season 2 last night.

I started reading The Count Of Monte Cristo two weeks ago but I had no time in the last few weeks. I would like to continue reading it but I also bought the Divergent Trilogy too after watching the movie (yes, three books!) and I have some more books lined up since months so I better get to it!

For now I will enjoy the Friday evening and just relax, hopefully have a good night sleep and recover from the jetlag. I made no plans for thecweekend yet although I would like to get some things done but I will just take each day as it comes.

I wish you a nice weekend and lots of sunshine!