Welcome to San Francisco!

I woke up at 4:30 am on Sunday to catch my flight and I arrived 15 hours later at 12:30 pm in SFO. I basically slept only about 4 hours before the flight, I coudn’t sleep during the flight and then we were out in San Franscico till 10 pm. I didn’t sleep for about 30 hours if I calculated correctly and I think I managed it quite ok.

The first flight went smoothly but the connecting flight was overbooked so the airline offered an alternative flight from another departure airport and with an arrival time of 7 hours later than the otiginal flight. There were quite a few takers because ther were rewarded with some money too.

The connecting flight to SFO took about 11 hours and I couldn’t sleep at all. Luckily I had an aisle seat so I could get up, walk a bit and stretch my lega whenever I wanted. I was sent back to my seat once because it seems that passengers are not allowed to stand in groups of more than 2 on US flights for safety and security reasons.

I watched 6 movies and some were actually quite good. The movie selection was not so good, I counted only about 50 movies in total and most were really old and the rest I’ve already seen before.

I started with Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, a pretty depressing drama which I didn’t like so much. I continued with All Is Lost with Robert Radford but stopped after 10 minutes, it was that bad! The next three movie choises were good: Captain Philips, awesome thriller with Tom Hanks, andDelivery Man, great comedy with Vince Vaughn, and Last Vegas, also a comedy. The last movie I wanted to watch The Councelor was a bad decision and I turned it off after 20 minutes.

I pretty much failed with my nutrition on the travel day. I had a croissant and cappuccino for breakfast (not healthy), then had a yogurt at the airport which I thought it would be healthy but it turned out to have lots of sugar, glucose syrup and MSG in it. I don’t understand why they have to put crap in a plain yogurt!

The food on the flight was not bad but not so healthy either. We got two warm meals, both some variations of chicken with rice, bread and butter as apetizer and some kind of cake and chocolate for dessert. I had probably a bit too many movie snacks too, those salty crackers are so additive!

I even bought trail mix and dark chocolate at the airport but haven’t touched it. No wonder I felt sick after so much unhealthy food and sitting for so many hours. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I had a chicken caesar salad for dinner and I started to feel better afterwards.

The plane landed at 12:30 pm and we got to the hotel at 15:30 o’clock. After a short break we visited Fisherman’s Wharf for the rest of the day and enjoyed the nice sunny warm weather. I hope the weather forecast is wrong and it’s going to stay this nice during my stay in San Francisco.

I hope I will get used to this new time because my eating and sleeping is pretty messed up. I feel hungry all the time and I get waves of extreme fatigue during the day.

I gave into the fatigue at 10 pm and returned to the hotel to sleep. It hought I was tired enough and that I will sleep good but I kept waking up during the night and eventually I couldn’t fall back asleep after 5 am. Stupid jetlag!

I won’t let the jetlag defeat me! Today I am going to visit the other parts of San Francisco and I hope I will get to do some shopping too!