Weekly Recap

Fitness & Nutrition

I have one more workout left for this week 5 of the James Wilson Body Earned Program.

The workouts this week have been unusually short, about 50-60 minutes including cardio, and although I am not complaining, I am a bit disappointed that I had burns of only 300-500 calories per session. Compared to the usual 700-800 calories this is really low.

The program is going into the body part training starting from week 6 so I guess this is sort of a preparation week and we’re supposed to take it easy this week.

I am happy to report that I had no conflicts at the gym this week, the girls have been super nice and on Friday I had the weight room all to myself. It’s been great!

What I don’t like though is that my gym doesn’t have all the machines required for this training plan so I have to find alternatives. I have been repeating exercises and using the same machines these last few weeks too much, I really hope that the next weeks will be better so I don’t get bored.

I think for this reason I have been lacking motivation to work out this week, I kept changing my mind about whether to go to the gym and I even went as far as to almost turn back in front of the gym and go home but I didn’t. I just pushed through and got it done but this is the stage where I usually quit and I don’t want to! I want to keep going. Can somebody give me a strong peptalk please?

Nutrition-wise this week has been pretty much a total disaster. I had two huge cheat days (you read it right, not meals but full days!). I am going to the canteen at work for lunch on work days and the food choices are not so healthy, plus we had a party at work and I overdid it with all the finger food. This was also right before going to the gym so I felt sick throughout the entire workout.

I got it under control in the end and it had no effect on my measurements but I am still not happy about it at all.


James Wilson Body Earned Week 1 – Week 5

Weight: +0,1 kg
Body fat: -0,6%
Muscle: +0,6%
Waist, hip, chest, thighs: 0 cm


I have been promoted at work this week, I am now leading two teams and the girl I will be mentoring is starting from next week so it is super exciting!

I planned but failed again to study for my MCPD upgrade exam but I had no time because I am now on vacation for one week and I had so many things to take care of at work before the vacation.

Perhaps vacation is not the right word here because I am flying tomorrow to San Francisco for the Build conference so technically I will be spending my vacation learning a bunch of cool new stuff. How awesome is that? I know, most people would go on vacation to relax and disconnect from work but not me! I can have my relaxing seaside vacation later in the summer. I am really looking forward to Build!


I am already at season 4 of 30 Rock, the episodes are only 20 minutes long so it’s going by quite fast. This series is quite entertaining although this season 4 is now as funny as the previous ones. I really like Tina Fey!

I also started watching Damages, a really good thriller about lawyers and what happens behind the scenes. I still can’t believe that this series has 5 seasons. I hope they won’t use this same story from season 1 for five entire seasons because then I might not watch it anymore. The episodes in the first season are mostly long flashbacks but I strongly hope that it will catch up soon to the present because… OK, I won’t tell any spoilers, just watch the series!

I finally finished The Hobbit and started reading The Count Of Monte Cristo, I chose this book because I love classics and also because the tv series Revenge is partially based on this story. I am still at the beginning and so far it’s pretty good.