Weekly Recap

Fitness & Nutrition

Week 4 of the Body Earned program completed!

The workouts are getting more difficult and more challenging than in the beginning and I love it. I am feeling stronger, I can lift more and I am starting to see some small improvements.

I don’t expect to see a miracle in 4 weeks. What was that saying again: it takes 4 weeks for you to notice, it takes 8 weeks for the family to notice and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. So the first 4 weeks are done and I did notice, so let’s see the results in 8 weeks.

A session takes me now about 75-90 minutes with cardio included, as opposed to only 60 minutes in the first couple of weeks. Nevertheless the exercises are different and the time passes by so fast that I barely feel like it’s really that long. I usually leave from the gym barely being able to walk or climb the stairs and then I know that it was a good workout, it is a really good feeling!

The downside of a circuit training program: I had a small conflict at the gym this week with a mother and daughter. I placed my towel on a bench and forgot about it and went on with the exercises. At one point I heard the mother comment in their native language to the daughter that I am “occupying” the bench and the daughter replied that she told me already the other day. Indeed I was using the bench the other day cycling between exercises and the daughter asked if she can use it so I of course gave her the bench and adjusted my circuit to use something else instead.

Anyhow I wasn’t snooping in on their conversation but they spoke loud and their native language happens to be my native language so I understood the whole thing, even the evilness in their voice. So I quickly took away the towel and apologized in our native language, mother and daughter were both completely shocked of course.

This is one lesson I learned long time ago: I am always careful what I say novmatter in what language because there could be someone around who understands me. Also in such situations I almost never show that I understood what has been said because it could be embarrassing for the other person but this particular situation was an exception because I do not like to bad gossip directed at me.

Anyhow the mother did bicep curls and the daughter did triceps on the bench which they could’ve did standing too and the gym was practically empty and there were a bunch of other free machines. I usually adjust my workouts based on which machines are free so that I don’t get into conflicts with people. Needless to say that this was completely unnecessary and luckily most of the women at this gym are nothing like these two. For example the girls were awfully friendly today at the gym and one asked about my workout routine and another told me that I kinda look like Charlotte from SATC. She’s pretty cute so I took that as a compliment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nutrition-wise I’ve been hitting my daily calories every day, still reverse dieting and maintaining with 1750 on rest days and 2000 calories on workout days. My meals have been less clean (I had homemade pancakes and waffles and cheesecake ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but I am happy as long as it is healthy-ish food and it fits in my calorie and macro goals. Too much restriction is not good either and I love good food. You only live once, right?


I do my measurements usually only once a week on Saturday but even so it fluctuates too much so I decided to compare the current results to the beginning when I started the Body Earned program.

I am not surprised that most of my measurements are the same because the goal of reverse dieting is to maintain while increasing the calories I eat. Neverteless I am happy with how the body fat and muscle mass is improving.

Weight: +0,2 kg
Body fat: -0,9%
Muscle: +0,9%
Hips: -1 cm
Thighs: +1 cm
Waist, chest: 0 cm


I had unfortunately no time to study for the MCPD upgrade exam and did only a few small adjustments to my first Windows 8 app. I learned a bit about Portable Class Libraries, Windows Runtime Component, MVVM and XAML and created a Windows Phone 8 project too but I didn’t manage to make the WP8 Emulator work neither in the virtual machine nor on the Surface. I really wish I would have more time because this is so fun!

I’ve been working at home more and more on my Surface and even though a lot of apps are missing (like WordPress, MyFitnessPal) and some things are not so obivous (like how to take a screenshot or how to add multiple account in the Twitter app), I am starting to love this tablet more and more.

While I use my iPad only for surfing, there are so much more things that I can do with the Surface and the Type Cover is really awesome!


I am still reading The Hobbit, I have about 15% left and I will be so happy when I will finish this book. If I wouldn’t be so stubborn to finish everything I start, I would’ve stopped reading this long time ago. And to think that three movies are being made out of this small book that I struggle with since weeks…

I am currently watching 30 Rock, I am at season 2 and this tv series is actually a nice surprise. I didn’t think that I will like it this much but it’s very entertaining.

I’ve been listening to my favorite Technology Podcasts on the way to work. It’s a really nice way to spend those 30 minutes and also learn something on the way.