Weekly Recap


Fitness & Nutrition

I am still going strong on the Body Earned program, doing four circuit training workouts per week.

I am on the second week and I am trying to lift as heavy as possible. I feel that I am getting stronger day by day and I am increasing the weights continuously.

The plan is incorporating more active movements now like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and such during weight training. It’s so much more difficult and I have the calorie burn to prove it! I got as high as 750 calories with only one 1-hour workout including cardio!

The only downside with circuit training is that I sometimes get strange or even evil looks in the gym from the other girls because I am constantly moving around the gym and switching machines and equipments. I am trying not to get in anybody’s way but I guess they just don’t understand what I am doing. It is however an incredibly awesome workout and the exact opposite of boring!

I am cutting down on high impact cardio and doing instead incline walk on the treadmill at 9-10% incline with 3,5-4 speed. It’s not a fast pace but the point is to go high on the incline. It’s doing wonders to the backside! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Instead of the recommended Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri workout days, I decided to move some workouts to the weekend. Spring is finally coming (I had enough of the cold!), the sun is shining and it’s 17-18 degrees Celsius so I thought it would be great to take a bike ride and also ride to the gym. I prefer the outdoors and like this I get to do the warmup and the cardio in the fresh air.


My nutrition has been more or less ok, although I think I need to adjust my daily calories because I increased it too much too soon (disappointing measurement day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ).


There is one study going around on the internet this week claiming that daily protein intake from red meat and dairy of over 20% might be bad. It made me worry a bit but I am still not sure what to believe.


This week I have been researching string comparison in C# from the performance point of view. I had so much fun digging through the .Net Framework using Reflector and doing measurements with dotTrace. This article helped as well, Best Practices for Using Strings in the .NET Framework

I’ve been also studying about WCF in .Net Framework 4, Microsoft Learning is an awesome website for preparing for an MCPD exam and I’ve put together a learning plan with all the topics that I need to cover for my upgrade exam. It’s a great addition to the video training courses.

I finally finished my sample game that I started a few weeks ago with the main focus on learning game development. I am still no expert but my next plan is to build a game for Windows Phone 8 with the possibility to extend it for Windows 8 too. I am hoping to learn more about game and mobile development on the way.

I found a free ebook (also free on Kindle) which I plan to read, Programming Windows 8 apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Also interesting: you can register till Sunday (today!!!) to win a Nokia 625 and build an awesome Windows Phone app

I’ve had some IT problems with my Surface and I finally had some time to reset it to the factory settings and reinstall all updates, Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013. I love a clean fresh installation! Really looking forward to coding on it!


I watched the first season of Hart Of Dixie and also the first season of Revenge, both awesome tv shows.

I’ve been listening to the Hello World Podcast on the way to work, an interesting podcast about how some of the greatest geeks got started with software development.