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Fitness & Nutrition

James Winson Body Earned Week 1

This week I’ve been following the Body Earned program fitness- and nutrition-wise.

The workouts are really interesting and anything but boring. I know most of the exercises that were on the plan for this week but some are pretty uncommon in my gym so a few girls were looking strangely at me while doing them. But who cares?

The main point is that the workouts are so much fun and I get to move around the gym, do different exercises every time and not get bored. I am looking forward to the next workout every day!

I had four circuit-style workouts this week with Wednesday being a rest day, as recommended by James, plus I have two rest days now on the weekend and it’s killing me because all I want is to go to the gym again for the next workout.

But nutrition is the key and I’ve been mostly following the calorie recommendations and also staying within the macro guidelines.

The JW’s FitnessMap workout group on Facebook is awesome and it’s a excellent source of valuable information. For example, an important topic this week was metabolic damage (the term was unfamiliar to me until now, although it appears that I also had it throughout all these years of yoyo dieting and having to reduce the daily calories more and more in order to lose weight). Here is the post from James explaining it.

Without knowing what reverse dieting is and that it’s the way to fix metabolic damage, I have been doing it for the last year or so. I’ve started from 1000 calories per day slowly increasing it to 1200 then 1400, 1500 and this week I finally bumped it up to 1600. It’s a scary and slow process especially because the weight might go up but in the end it’s all worth it. According to my weekly weigh-in results, I am not gaining weight with 1600 calories per day (which was impossible a year ago) which means that the damage that I’ve been doing all my life is slowly being repaired.

If you are on Facebook and fitness & nutrition interests you, I definitely recommend you to follow James Wilson’s page


Weight: -0,2 kg
Body fat: -0,6%
Muscle: +0,4%


I’ve been preparing for the MCPD upgrade exam and watched some WCF courses on Pluralsight. I will finish with WCF this weekend and start with the next topic next week.

I’ve been focusing on career courses as well, I particularly liked Getting Involed! on Pluralsight with Scott Hanselman & Co. It got me inspired to start doing more.

I’ve been also extending my sample game and this week I’ve learned what rendering engine, input handling and a physics engine is in game development and how to implement them. I also got to add them to my sample project.

Interesting links

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C# Pad: Run C# Code Online
Github releases Atom, a text-editor for coders
A new look for .NET Reference Source

JavaScript Unit Testing with Jasmine on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast
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I finished watching season 1 of Under The Dome this week. I’ve read the book (yes, all 1000 pages!) and I am very surprised about how much they changed the story in the series. True, some parts of the book were quite boring and it had to be made more interesting for the series.

I’ve started watching Hart Of Dixie, a romantic comedy series with Rachel Bilson. I am not quite convinced yet but I am slowly starting to like it.

In the books department, I’m continuing The Hobbit now and making slow progress. I guess it’s really not my kind of story but I will finish the book nevertheless.

I played Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on the Xbox One a little but it looks like this is a long game, I’ve been playing it for a few weeks now and I am still around 30% so a long gaming marathon is going to happen this weekend!