Weekly Recap

I’ve been pretty quiet this week and that is because, as I mentioned in the previous blog post, I am in the mountains currently enjoying the sun, the snow and the spa.

Well, actually that is not the main reason why I haven’t blogged in these last few days, I think the main culprit is the bad WIFI at this hotel. The hotel itself is great with an awesome gym and wellness area, delicious breakfast and dinner (pictures and blog post coming soon) but the internet is horrible. Not what I expect from a 4-star Falkensteiner, to be honest.

Neverteless I have found now a small corner with one line and I took the chance immediately before all the other guests get back from skiing and the WIFI becomes unusable again.

Fitness & Nutrition

I have finally put my Garmin Swim and my Polar FT7 to good use and recorded this week a total of:

– 7.08 km swimming in 2h:36m
– 50m cardio
– 1h:30m weight training
– 6.32 km walking in 3h

I have not been lazy this week, that’s for sure. Instead I have been working out almost daily and crying from the sore muscles on rest days.

The food has been as you can imagine during a trip with buffet breakfast and 5-course dinner menus in the evening. I indulged, perhaps a little bit too much and too often, but I enjoy good food. You only live once, right? I will do better once I get home. Promise!


I have been studying a bit for my upcoming MCPD upgrade exam. The exam consists of questions covering WCF, Data Access and Web Apps. I have worked productively with all three parts and I am currently refreshing my knowledge, taking one topic at a time, WCF being the main topic for February.


I finished reading Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gilian Flynn. If you are into dark and twisted misteries, both books and also her third Gone Girl are definitely for you. I highly recommend all three books!

I am still fighting with The Hobbit, reading it on and off when I am in the mood for this kind of story but this is not really my type, that’s for sure.


Non-existing. My poor Xbox one is bored at home waiting for me to return to play with it and otherwise I am so fed up with Candy Crush that I stopped playing completely. I did attemp to level up a couple of times during this trip but I ended up angry and frustrated. I seriously don’t think that this game is developed to play fair and think that some secret logic stops people from leveling up too fast. The completed levels are not even shared on all devices. I am already close to deleting the game altogether.

I might try Threes, the newest popular game since Flappy Bird was pulled from the store.